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You Won't Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal Video


A border patrol checkpoint in a minarchist libertopia is illustrated in this ReasonTV video.

Why Taxation is Theft


This DanielTheSexiest video explains that taxation is theft.

Why Texas is Booming: How Low Taxes & Small Government are Transforming the Lone Star State


Relative liberty is transforming Texas in a positive way, according to this ReasonTV video.

Thad Russell Goes to Washington


This video features Thaddeus Russell discussing liberal-libertarian policy alliances.

Force is Not a Market Good


Libertarian Daniel Rothschild asserts that force is not a market good in this DanielTheSexiest video.

Ex Cop: Everyone Behaves Better When They're on Video

This ReasonTV video introduces a company that makes body cameras for police officers, because police officers believe they need to keep you accountable also.

Gun Registration: Evil, or Just Stupid?


Libertarian Larken Rose ridicules the idea of gun registration in this Larken Rose video.

Libertarian Infighting


This Julie Borowski video is a humorous take on libertarian infighting.

The Problem isn't "Patent Trolls." The Problem is Patents

The concept of intellectual property is attacked in this c4ssvideos video.

Randy Simmons: Who Should Have Water Rights?

This The Independent Institute video discusses the concept of water property rights.

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