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Facebook Aids Obama War Crimes Cover-Up

The horror of war is visualized in this AdamKokesh video.

"Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)"

In this misesmedia video, Peter Klein eulogizes Hayek.

"Check Your Privilege" is an Idiotic Phrase

The controversional leftist phrase is attacked in this Julie Borowski video.

Smart Guns for Stupid People


In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian activist chastises gun-rights advocates who oppose the sale of "smart" guns to willing buyers.

Trigger Warnings, Campus Speech, and the Right to Not Be Offended

The negative consequences of trigger warnings are evaluated in this ReasonTV video.

Obama's Humanitarianism is Felt Around the World

In this AdamKokesh video, the activist libertarian mocks an organization that recently honored President Obama for "commitment to human rights".

10 Dumb Quotes About Video Games from Pols and Pundits

Social and State fear of video games is mocked in this ReasonTV video.

Abolishing Capital Punishment is Not Enough

This c4ssvideos video questions the concept of punishment.

Why League of Legends Rules

The competitive video game world is explored in this ReasonTV video.

"The Unemployment Rate"


Mark Thornton, in this misesmedia video, explains why the American State's unemployment numbers are misleading.

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