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Cop Assaults Air Force Capt. for Not Knowing Neighbor, Says He Could Have Tased or Shot Him Instead

More evidence of the American Police State is presented in this ReasonTV video.

The Law is Too Important to be Trusted to Government


In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian activist professes his support for law.

Libertarian Ethics Explained in Under 3 Minutes


Libertarian ethics is briefly explained in this carlos morales video.

Highway Massacre in Peru - Cops Killed with Spears!

In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian activist discusses an underreported Peruvian conflict between man and State.

Ron Paul: Vices Aren't Crimes


Ron Paul echoes a key Spooner insight in this The Independent Institute video.

Walter Block: Blackmail is a Contract

In this video, libertarian Professor Block defends the idea that blackmail is not aggression.

Adam is More Antisemitic than Iran

A Jewish libertarian activist addresses anti-Semitism in this AdamKokesh video.

Woman with a Car Vs. Washington D.C.'s Taxi Cartel

In this ReasonTV video, the crony capitalist D.C. taxi cartel is exposed.

American Suicidal Paid Killers in Okinawa

The persistent American State occupation of Japan is criticized in this AdamKokesh video.

Libertarian Class Analysis


In this c4ssvideos video, Sheldon Richman introduces the idea of libertarian class analysis.

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