Doctors Say NO to Obamacare!

Yes we do; at least those of us who are anarcholibertarians.


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So 44% of doctors dislike it. I didn't know - well spotted, Don.
I was in on the precursor of all this nonsense: the National Health Service in the UK, in and after 1948. The claim was openly and proudly made (by Labour Party spokesmen) that everyone has a "right" to health care. Turn that around (which hardly anyone did) and the inescapable conclusion follows that providers of health care are enslaved. (They actually enslaved everyone with new taxes to pay them a pittance,  but it's the same difference.)
Doctors emigrated en masse, in the decades following. Most came here, and to Canada. But now, where will American doctors go, perhaps 44% of them? I fear the answer will be: to other professions.