Recapping STR in Defense of Vermont Gun Freedoms

To: Rebecca Balint, Jeanette White, and Emily Long:


As I am unable to attend Tuesday's scheduled event in Montpelier, I thought to write all of you in advance with regard to my position on S. 6.  And let's be candid right from the outset:


*  It is one more in a series of relentless and unending Bloomberg-funded attempts to begin the process of dismantling Vermont's long-standing tradition of unimpeded gun freedom -- even though VT is ranked as THE safest place in America.  Even though Vermonters have consistently and repeatedly shown we DO NOT WANT more gun laws.  Even though Phil Scott -- not Sue Minter -- was elected governor.


*  It will do NOTHING to fight or stop crime.  You already KNOW this.


*  UBCs/S.6 can ONLY be implemented if a gun registry is also implemented.  The very first step -- ALWAYS -- in eliminating gun ownership altogether.  And you know THAT, too.


I have nothing further to say.  I would like to think you will oppose S.6, but I already know you won't. To not do so would be to turn your back on both the agenda and dogma of leftist thinking -- which none of you are about to do.


In closing, this 2015 essay was directed towards Ms. Balint, but the principles apply equally to all of you:


Most Sincerely,


Alex Knight




(Phone number)


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It's a fine and concise communication, Alex, and I wish you luck. Good to see there may be at least one of your formerly Libertarian principles still intact.
It presents utilitarian arguments. Although good, I suggest those are inferior to the one endorsed by the new President; that gun rights are natural rights which, in Amendment 2, the Feds have sworn not to abridge.
Does the US Constitution bind the State of Vermont? - maybe not, by Amendment 10. But the Vermont one, in Chapter 1 Article 16, says much the same thing.
All that is paper, which Pols routinely ignore. Until government is eliminated, natural rights will be relentlessly eroded. But then - I nearly forgot - you no longer believe in rights anyway.