Columbus or Canada?

While it's absolutely true that no Voluntaryist should wish to sanction a state-approved holiday to begin with -- at least, not merely because of that approval -- I have chosen as of last year to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving rather than Columbus Day.  This is not because I endorse Canada as an overall better tax farm, nor am I from Canada, but rather because I see greater evil in celebrating the life of a murderous slave trader who ridiculously purported to claim territory in the name of a regent.  Thanksgiving in Canada, according to my research, while established by the Canuck state, is solely to commemorate harvesting season.  Plus, it's kind of fun to go out to a restaurant on the 2nd Monday in October and get a turkey dinner with all the trimmings roughly 6 weeks before I eat a home-cooked version with my family. 
So, my point is to both raise awareness and have fun at the same time by ditching Conqueror Columbus for Toronto Turkey.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Mashed potatoes?  :-) 


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