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RIP Robert Klassen

Robert Klassen passed away this past weekend.  I considered Bob a friend and inspiration, and will miss him.  He helped many writers in the freedom movement to find their voices by encouraging others to speak out with conviction.  Although his writing slowed down a lot these past few years due to health problems, he continued to help others with theirs.  His legacy may not be well known in media circles, but it is appreciated by all who were touched by him.  Rest in peace, Bob.
Here is his archive at LRC:

The heart's electromagnetic field and love

The human understanding of electromagnetic force and energy is in its infancy and has long been overshadowed in physics which has focused research and developed theory in the area of gravitational force that is much easier to observe and measure with natural human sensory perceptions.  With modern electronic devices we are finally able to focus more on electromagnetic force phenomena.  The study of this subject will have ramifications far and wide in our understanding of space and time as well as "what makes us tick".  It appears that the heart is inherently more powerful than the brain in this context, which has some interesting implications concerning love, brotherhood, instinct, health and spiritual matters.  One interesting thing to note in the article linked below is how the power of positive thinking can be measured by how well the body responds to positive and negative emotional energy.
"Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude, and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers"

Wrong side of the transaction

Prostitution is legal in The Netherlands, but she wasn't registered with the state or paying her taxes.  Maybe that's what got her in trouble?  Anyway, you know that some of her male co-workers at the central bank engage in this activity on their own time, but will not get fired for it.  Aren't all bankers closet dominatrixes?

Global warming protestors in the snow

Talk about deniers, my lord.  The facts of the matter apparently must be ignored in the name of marching on for the cause.  This cultish behavior of these marchers should be obvious to them after a block or two resulting in a bit of clarity, but I guess some people have much higher tolerances for cognitive dissonance than I'm able to relate to.

Police have no shame

The video camera has pulled the curtain back to allow more people to see how those who swore to protect and serve the people who pay their salaries (cough, cough) truly act.  After the cop last week shot a man in the back, 8 times, and then the cop planted his Taser next to the body of the man he murdered in cold blood to support his bald faced lie that he "feared for his life", it was a passerby taking a video that revealed the truth.  As cowardly as shooting a man in the back for no reason is, how about beating up a pregnant women?  A team of uniformed thugs invaded a pregnant woman's home in Texas with the purpose of kidnapping her 18 month old child.  When she had the courage to ask for a warrant, the response was "We don't need no stinking warrant!" as they forced their way in and beat her for her trouble before arresting her and taking her child.  Luckily, for the truth, a home surveillance video captured it.  Be warned, watching this video may make you sick:

Freedom heals

In spite of the tendency of politicians to cling hard to the status quo, especially when a policy expands their power and control like the drug war does, here is an example of how eliminating laws that make matters worse can help society recover and get better.  Now, if only the lawmakers in the USA can learn from the Portuguese experience, as well as the states that have legalized marijuana, and totally end the war on drugs not sold by Big Pharma.  Then take this principle and apply it to every other area where government intervention has wreaked havoc in our lives.

Socialism revealed

The more Socialist an economy becomes, the more shortages of basic goods and services there will be.  It always sounds good to the masses when state central planners promise cheap toilet paper and soap, but when they run out of these items (because the price does not provide enough incentive to manufacture and distribute them) I find it amusing how instead of blaming the real culprits that undermined the economy, the hard core socialist will blame the "black-market".  The "black-market" that only exists because of the state imposed burdens on other-wise free exchange.  It's hard not to laugh at this madness.

Working people and funny numbers


The Labor Department that "releases" figures labeled unemployment rates for media hacks and bought and paid for institutional cheerleaders in academia pronounce that the current unemployment rate is 5.5%.  There has been much rejoicing at propaganda outlets, primarily to tout the success of official policies.   If you use the official numbers, which are certainly suspect, the number of people considered in the labor force (156,906,000) represent only 62.7% of the people who could work (250,080,000), which means that 37.3% of the people who could work (the non-institutionalized population between 16 and 54), don't work.  A note: if you are 55 and over and do work then they count you as part of the employable population, but if you don't work, then you are not counted as seeking a job.  I and a lot of other people in that category certainly consider themselves wanting and/or needing a job; so this figure is likely low.  The number of able people not working has now reached levels equal to those when most women stayed in the home in the 1970s. 
So, 57.2% of the working population has a job, 5.5% want to work and are actively seeking a job and 37.3% either have given up looking for a job, are rich enough that they don't need a job or just don't give a shit.  As the total working population of people not working increases, it will be telling which of these categories increases the fastest; and their ain't a whole lot of new rich people these days.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The Arizona brouhaha over serving gays is just silly.  I always find it odd that people "demand" service from people who do not wish to serve them.  If I were to do this, I would expect poor service; so isn't it better to seek this service elsewhere?  Are laws against providing poor service to follow?  How do you draw the line on that one?  What if a bakery provided the cake for a gay wedding and included a Bible verse on it?  Or mixed in some cayenne pepper or too much salt or dog crap?  There are an infinite number of ways to provide poor service and make it clear that being forced into defacto slavery will result in poor service.  This will likely result in a bad reputation in the gay community for said bakers, but isn't that the point?  When will people learn that laws don't instill what lawmakers believe to be virtues (whether they are or not)?

Here are some real heros

Sometimes the good guys do win.  This is a wonderful story on so many levels.  Parent’s rights, patients rights, natural cures for cancer, the evil of the corporate/state medical-industry and the Amish.
Amish Girl Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers With Natural Treatment

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