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When Fair is Fair

-  and when it isn't. Today in New Hampshire two aspiring Pols bandy the word around just as if they understood it. They don't, as the latest ZGBlog Fair's Unfair explains. Enjoy.

Is America Great?


Trump says not, but that he can make it so... again. But in this context, what does "great" mean? Was America ever great, and if so when and why? Can it be great in the future?
Today's Zero Government Blog explores such penetrating questions. Enjoy.

A Letter to Muslim Refugees

Missionaries have long known that to preach Christianity in Muslim countries is forbidden, sometimes savagely. I've been repeatedly surprised, therefore, that when Muslims flee them and come to us, more Christians don't take advantage of their arrival and preach to them here.
In today's Zero Government Blog I begin by repairing that omission (how about that: an atheist evangelist. Whatever next?) But I continue by suggesting that the Muslim newcomer consider the possibility that both religions are nonsense, and then take the further step of discarding also the government religion.
That's a tall order for a short blog, but I figured it better to light a candle than curse the darkness. If you agree, please pass on its URL to all your Muslim friends.

Freedom in Our Time


The turn of the year having brought more doom, gloom and pessimism - even on STR there's been talk of abandoning hope for anarchism by having a "P" in front of the word - I thought to offer as my New Year gift a shot of optimism in the first Zero Government Blog of 2016. So, enjoy this reminder that full freedom can be obtained easily and within a single generation.

Why Black Lives Matter Matters

Today's ZGBlog explores this apparent ally in the fight against the state. It's disappointed.

The Immigration Mess

It's especially acute in Europe, where a huge influx of refugees is bringing more and more conflict because mass integration across cultural barriers is not feasible.
Today's Zero Government Blog spells out how governments caused this chaos, how it will be ended only when governments are ended, and why the "solution" of abandoning the libertarian principle of free immigration, found currently in some quarters, is a serious error.

A Tribute to Irwin Schiff

- who died on October 16th from cancer, in government custody - is offered in today's Zero Government Blog as Schiff's Crusade. While he was not a market anarchist, we have lost a very great and courageous friend of freedom.

Three Cheers for Volkswagen

By deceiving the EPA, the firm delivered cars that customers wished to buy. They deserve a medal; or so reasons today's Zero Governmenr Blog. Enjoy!

Rival Gods

We're familiar with the State being the enemy of the market, but the Pope's present visit to America is exposing the fact that the Church is also its enemy; or at least, his Roman Church. Today's Zero Government Blog explains how, in Bogus Pope, Bum Steer. Enjoy!

Laws cause mayhem


That's the exact inverse of what the lawn order crowd claims, but it's been systematically established by Lawrence Samuels in In Defense of Chaos and the present fiasco in Europe over Syrian refugees is a good illustration. Today's ZGBlog explains.

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