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Government Tightens Grip on the Net


- so says The New Public Utility, out today. But it's not as bad, or as long-lasting, as it may seem.

Lexland and Malvolia

Those two countries tax incomes to exactly the same extent. In the ZGBlog today, Is It Tax Time Soon? explores the difference.

Climate After Government


The Algorean religion is examined in today's Zero Government Blog. It doesn't do well.

Who should steer the ship of state?


Israeli influence on US government policy is notorious, and was highlighted this week by Netanyahu's address to Congress. But Bibi the Tiller, out today, reasons not just that his hands should not touch the American tiller, but that there should be no tiller at all. Enjoy.

The Mind of a Pol

Abandon reason, all ye who enter here. Yet another political encounter at the trash.

Is IS Islamic?

Of course; Obama is wrong again. But today's ZGBlog suggests that's no reason to start WW-III.

Bypassing the Censor

While some others see only gloom and doom ahead, the Zero Government Blog offers a wholly contrary outlook. Today's edition does, however, recommend some urgent intellectual "prepping."

Getting from Here to There

Aside from TOLFA I've not yet found a credible, systematic proposal for ending the government era and ushering in a free society; and without such a plan the latter will remain a dream only. So today's ZGBlog examines a couple of possibilities that have been aired. If you know of others, send me a PM and I'll check them out in a future edition. Meanwhile, see what you think of these.

The Future of Banking


When government has evaporated for want of willing employees, what will be the fate of banks? - will they even exist?
Today's ZGBlog explores the question, as Banking in the ZGS. Enjoy.

One Powerful Vaccine

It innoculates against rational thought, and kids have been stuck with it for eight generations.
Might the current hysteria about measles shots interfere with its application? - judge here.

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