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Off With His Head

The loathsome behavior of the proto-government of the new Islamic State, in beheading James Foley, is being used by Obama as an excuse for another Mid East intervention. He will never learn; none of them will, they are totally reprobate and elimination is the only fix. Today's ZGBlog explores.

The Right to Assemble


What's its future, in a zero government society? - yesteday's ZGBlog explores Ferguson, and finds surprises.

Ferguson goes off-script

In today's Zero Government Blog, I suggest that the situation in Ferguson, MO was scripted in advance - but, over the weekend, passed out of the authors' control. Enjoy Theater in Missouri.

Insider Trading

Among the many ways in which government hinders the task of earning a good living it its mindless campaign against the free flow of information. Today's ZGBlog adds yet one more reason to end its existence.

Striking for the Boss

Last month the staff at my local grocery went on strike. The story is so unusual that last Friday, it was given nationwide exposure on the News Hour. Perhaps you saw it.
Today's Zero Government Blog summarizes the situation and corrects some of PBS' errors.

August, 1914

The war that began the bloodiest century in human history did not start just because five powerful governments made massive blunders. It started because those governments existed, and so were capable of making them.

Recently there have been some fine articles written about the origins of WW-I, but none that I saw revealed that perception. So today's Zero Government Blog makes good the omission.

The Feminist Contradiction


Today's ZGBlog tells the tale of how a bright, attractive 18-year-old girl begins her career at Harvard.
It doesn't end well.

Immigration to a Free Society

Curiously, there are even Libertarians confused about this; so today's Zero Government Blog attempts to clarify what will happen to the flow of humans over government borders when the latter have disappeared.
Hint: the market will work. This subject identifies those who do, and do not, really trust it.

The Smoking Tape


Today's ZGBlog shows how the recording made last week soon after MH 17 crashed proves conclusively who brought it down.

Do You Know the Way to...


Freedom?  If not, you have plenty of company.
Today's Zero Government Blog suggests Working Backwards; that is, clarify the destination and then figure out what  needs to happen to get there from here. Enjoy.

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