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The workday after government

There is already a healthy trend away from what some call wage-slavery, and today's Zero Government Blog suggests that it will accelerate when the government era is over. A worldwide market of individuals and small firms will develop.
Find it as usual at TinyURL.com/ZGBlog, and enjoy a happy and successful 2015!

Torture is, as torture does

Recently Diane Feinstein accused Bush's government of carrying out torture. Bush's gang denies it all. I say she massively understated the extent of the problem, and show why, today in the ZGBlog.
I hope that during 2014 this revived Blog has helped some better grasp the importance of ending the government era, and wish all readers a happy and prosperous 2015. To adapt a traditional Jewish toast, "next year in liberty!"

Slaughter of Innocents


From King Herod soon after the first Christmas, to seven thugs in Peshawar two weeks before the present one, the drive to govern kills children.
TinyURL.com/ZGBlog tells about the latter. Reader discretion advised.

What is Government For?


People often wonder. Here's the sordid answer.

Tidying up after government

It may be the biggest business opportunity of all time.
Boneyards, as the latest Zero Government Blog, shows why.

Does Government Ever Work?

Strictly, it wouldn't matter even if it did, for government is a morally repulsive institution.
However, today's ZGBlog suggests that not even the military, its pride and joy, is functional. Enjoy.

A Winter of Black Discontent?

The demontrators have got it half wrong. But they also have it half right; and today's ZGBlog traces the root causes of racial discord in America. When those are removed, everyone will be able to breathe.

Two Questions to Pose

Today's Zero Government Blog is very short, and you may like to send its URL to your email list and to bookmark it for possible future use; it's TinyURL.com/ZGBlog/14A061.htm
It poses a couple of important questions, to neither of which I can find an answer. It may help start a statist friend on the journey to rationality.
If you can improve it, please email me to say how.

Fill her up


One of the few bits of good news this year has been that gas prices fell off a cliff. Today's ZGBlog explores why that happened, and finds it may be the wrong question; better, ask why they were so high for so long. Enjoy Why So Low?

A Squirrel's Tale

All the current fuss in Ferguson might suggest that police focus on shooting young black men.
Not at all; they are equal-opportunity killers, as today's Zero Government Blog relates - in the words of a little bushy-tail, so intelligent as not to understand the significance of a government costume. His story is almost completely true.

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