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What the Queen is For

Today is a very notable day in UK history: Her Majesty has reigned for longer than any other monarch in a thousand years. To celebrate the Zero Government Blog offers Long-Living Lipstick. Enjoy!

The Age of Consent

Probably, government junkies would like it to be 100, and not just for sex but for everything.
Today's Zero Government Blog has more.

The Importance of Being an Independent Thinker

Surprisingly, a well known libertarian writer allowed recently that he was "dogmatic". Today's ZGBlog is called Dogma vs. Reason and suggests why that is a bad mistake.

One very good nuke


Nuclear weapons are the most horrible things governments have developed - and  used. They are far too terrible to leave in government hands.
But there's one in private hands, which will bring vast benefit. Enjoy Our Nuclear Weapon, out today.

Medical Falsehood

Confirming and greatly amplifying my own 2005 STRticle about AIDS, there came out yesterday an excellent history of one of the great government deceptions of our era  by Dr Donald Miller, a retired cardiac surgeon: Unmasking Falsehood.
He shows AIDS is a disease that never was, yet the treatments applied have caused the deaths of some 235,000 people while the inventor of the myth, and the suppliers of that treatment, became rich. This was done under the control of those now set to monopolize and control our health care.

What PBS Likes to Hide

Potentially a long list, of course. But in Censored by PBS, out today as the latest ZGBlog, I show a few recent actual examples. Enjoy.

The Slave Owners' Motivation

Coincidentally this week has brought two good STRticles about slavery, and today's ZGBlog aguments them with remarks about why plantation owners bought slaves instead of hiring laborers for wages. Was it cheaper, or not? Could slavery rear its head again, after government has evaporated?
Enjoy The Slave Trade, here.

The Value of Prices

Today's Zero Government Blog offers some thoughts on why they are vitally important. This may be familiar to many STReaders, but it could be a useful outreach tool because it's a widely misunderstood subject.

Hoppe and Trump are Wrong

In Open Immigration as today's ZGBlog, I show why.

Some Lessons from Greece

Democracy has led Greeks into an awful mess, but (alas) the government meltdown there will not produce a free society - so reasons today's ZGBlog, Elephtheria?.

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