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One Myth Down, One to Go

The recent Irish referendum about same-sex marriage delivered a stunning rebuke to the long-dominant Roman Catholic Church there. The chat surrounding the event reveals confusion, though, about the source of rights. Today's Zero Government Blog explores the subject in Eire Goes Gay?

Feds Punish Victims. Again.

In this case it was bankers. Or was it? - was it not rather us, who were pilfered so as to prop up the bankers? For sure, it has not so far been the actual perps, who fiddled the currency exchange markets while their employers were hammered by the new Attorney General.
Today, Fiddling the Forex tries to unscramble the mess. Enjoy.

Climate Hysteria


One of the few beneficiaries of the CA government's failure to furnish its residents with enough water - despite enjoying an 800-mile coastline to the world's biggest ocean, ready to be desalinated - is the set of mythologists who would persuade us that the globe is warming.
Today's ZGBlog places a spoke or two in their wheels. Enjoy.

Get Thee to Somalia


Nasty, statist advice that might actually be worth taking. See why, in today's ZGBlog.

Decline of the Liberals

Last week's UK election triumph by David Cameron's Conservatives left a bloodbath in its wake, and the heaviest casualty was the Liberal Democratic party, which lost 86% of its clout in a single day.
Does this mark the end of liberal ideas in Britain? - not exactly, says today's Zero Government Blog.

Why Government is a Good Idea

On rare occasions, when his guard is down, a statist may explain his reasons. That gives us unbelievers a great opportunity, for not one of them is as useful as a fig leaf.
The ZGBlog gives an example today, in Fun with a Naked Statist. And no, not that kind of fun.

The American coup d'état


A fine new book appeared last week: Régime Change, by Jacob Hornberger. Today's ZGBlog reviews it and suggests a change in the "official" fable is coming soon. Enjoy A Hornberger Whodunnit.



For a change of pace, today's Zero Government Blog takes a look at people who have worked to earn a lot of it. It also suggests how they might use a little of what they earned. So, enjoy Rich Folks, and salivate.

Parasite Attacks Host

The EU government has set its sights on one of the most creative of recent companies, Google. Just possibly, however, the Company might shoot back. EU vs Google, out today, suggests how.

Busted Tail Lights and Rust Buckets


Vehicles may not all be pristine in the coming zero government society, but they will not lead to drivers being shot in the back by uniformed thugs.
But there's more to the story of the Walter Scott tragedy than a racist cop run amok, as shown in today's ZGBlog.

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