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Can't Improve on the NAP

It's not unusual, alas, for people in the "libertarian quadrant" to fail to do their homework and get key ideas clear in their minds. But after having done that, it's very rare indeed for someone to quit. Those ideas are so well founded, it's impossible to forget or deny them.
But there's an exception to every rule, and today's Zero Government Blog is written for one: Message to an Ex-Left-Lib. Enjoy.

NH Suspends Vanity Plates

I don't know whether David Montenegro of Dover, NH is a Porcupine, but if not he should be given an honorary membership. In May, he won a Supreme Court case against the DMV that had refused to issue him a car vanity plate bearing the message COPSLIE. Also declined were GOVTLAZ and GOVTSUX. Courts have, of course, repeatedly indemnified cops who blatantly lie.
So now, according to the Valley News, the DMV won't issue any at all, for GOVTSUX is as true as it gets. Embarassed by publication of the way it is, apparently government in these parts will hide the truth.
Vanity plates cost $40. I can think of a few bumper-stickers that would do the job for a lot less.

A Century of Slaughter

Idiots ought not to have control of lethal weapons. In the case of individuals there is often insuperable difficulty in identifying in advance who is the idiot needing to be disarmed; in the case of governments there is no such dilemma. Today's Zero Government Blog relates the malignant stupidity of governments a century ago, this current year, and in several of the years in between.

100 years

One century ago today, Gavrilo Princip shot a duke. The world has never been the same since. There is quite a good short account of that day at firstworldwar.com/bio/princip.htm
Princip did not cause the war. The governments of Europe did that, with their ridiculous treaties for mutually assured destruction. But Princip provided a trigger, and has been called an "Anarchist", and the above account corrects that. He was a member of a Serbian Nationalist movement.



More than most, libertarians need to be exact in our use of language. Today's Zero Government Blog suggests that name itself is commonly used too loosely, and coins a new word to make the point. Enjoy!


Is libertarianism the same as libertinism? Today's Zero Government Blog shows why not. Enjoy, and spread.

Schiff Petitions Supreme Court


It makes no difference in principle, whether any tax has or has not been "legalized" by the thieves. We know that.
Nonetheless, Boobus Americanus supposes that if the thief has sprinkled a tax with the holy water of a law compelling its collection, it's not really theft any longer so it's okay to fork over the loot demanded. Therefore if someone shows a purported tax law is not in fact a tax law at all - that it's a pretended law, a deception - said Boobus gets annoyed. His confidence in government is further eroded.
Such is the case with the Income Tax, and nobody has done more to expose the fact than Irwin Schiff, incarcerated since 2005 to keep him quiet.
This month, after appealing all over the map ever since and having exhausted all other avenues, is appealing to SCOTUS. It's a masterly composition, surprisingly concise. He has asked that copies be made as widely available as possible (yes, to Boobus) and there's one loaded today to TinyURL.com/k3u3guc
Go enjoy it; and please, disseminate.

Block's Book Reviewed

Walter Block is a fine economist and prolific writer, and my favorite remains his Defending the Undefendable. But last month he came out with a new one: Toward a Libertarian Society.
Today I reviewed it in the Zero Government Blog. It's pretty good, but doesn't match the title.

Tax Resistance

Refusal to pay government's taxes is a promising way to end its existence (although I favor one that is more effective and less hazardous.) But Gary North, that widely-honored supposed anarcho-capitalist, recently scorned that method and demeaned (as "witch doctors") those who commend it.
Today's Zero Government Blog presents a rebuttal. Enjoy!

The Vortex of War

Today's Zero Government Blog suggests a reason why waging war is so popular among People In Government Service (PIGS.)

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