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Identifying Dissenters?

The recent automatic voter registration of all driver's license holders in Oregon by the bureau-rats calling themselves Government, is on track to be most eagerly emulated by their execrable counterparts in Commiefornia:
Note that one must "affirmatively opt-out" in order to avoid being automatically registered.
Currently, if one fails or refuses to register, one remains essentially anonymous.  Someone who is aloof, unconcerned, negligent, etc.
Now, one must be a conscientious, active refusenik in the eyes of the State, in order to avoid voter registration.
Pardon me, but I'm just cynical enough to believe that this move -- now about to envelop the most populous "state" (tax farm) in Amerika -- is about much more than just bolstering government "legitimacy" by pushing people towards participation in the title of this blog entry implies.
Your thoughts?

Boycott to Defend Gun Freedom in Vermont

I thought readers of STR might be interested to peruse and possibly join this Facebook group, particularly those of you either in Vermont or nearby in the Keene, New Hampshire region:

A Friendly Addendum

Please see my Facebook comment to the following opinion piece from the Burlington Free Press:

NSA Attrition

Would that we could encourage this throughout the entirety of government:
And here's the appropriate tool:

Pure Evil?

A most interesting article from the Scientific American, with its obvious implications for the advancement of Voluntaryism:

Assassination Politics Launches

It appears that someone has finally gone ahead and put this 1990s idea into motion, most likely assessing that the technology is now equal to the task.  We shall see.  And it's been covered by Forbes magazine, no less (as an aside, they have been publishing many anarchy-curious and even anarchy-friendly pieces in recent months):
Read the article here:

Vermont Voluntaryists

In October of 2011 I began the Vermont Voluntaryists page on Facebook, with the intention of creating a Vermont-specific internet hub for voluntaryist ideas, activism, communication, and strategies.  To date, there are a mere 77 Likes -- the vast majority of whom, while either voluntaryists or those interested in voluntaryism -- do not reside in the Green Mountains.  While all others are still most certainly welcome to remain on board and continue to join, I am seeking to build a greater body of Vermont residents who are interested in creating a voluntary society.  If that's you, or you know of someone who might fill that criteria, please Like the linked page or forward the URL.  As with this STR blog, I'm seeking to ramp up the level of awareness and interest in my own neck of the woods using a narrower focus as an additional resource.  Thanks.  Now back to drinking raw milk and eating pancakes slathered in maple syrup while carrying concealed with no license in the middle of a field full of cows.  :-)

Natural Rights are Mere Privileges in the Eyes of Would-Be Burlington, Vermont Gun Controllers

Based on this recent speech from Norm Blais of the Burlington City Council, we get to see a raw unadulterated look at the twisted mindset of those who worship at the altar of government.  Key is the fourth paragraph:
"With regard to the claim that what we are doing is unconstitutional, that is likewise wrong. There is not a single constitutional right that is unfettered. There is not a single constitutional right, from the right of free speech, to the right to a jury trial, all those rights are subject to reasonable regulation by governmental entities. And for someone to suggest this evening that what is being proposed is not reasonable regulation, I do not think is facing with the reality of what we are talking about."
It's quite obvious what the reality is regarding what Blais is talking about here.  Aside from the fact that we can see in fineness the futility of the Constitution as any kind of a guarantor of liberty, we also see that the arrogant bureaucratic mentality of someone like Blais is that there are no natural rights -- only government-granted privileges.  And of course, such a mentality recognizes only that the gateway to such privileges rests squarely in the hands of those as abundantly enlightened as Blais himself, and others of his totalitarian breed.
The Norm Blaises of this world must be cut off from any ability to control us whatsoever.  At all.  In any way. 
Voting accomplishes nothing productive.  Opting out altogether is the only way to permanently neutralize such psychopathic fanatics.

Elizabeth Warren's Recent Anti-Anarchy Diatribe

To my mind, it bears continuing to point out how utterly self-righteous, arrogant, uninformed, and undereducated Warren and those of her ilk -- most notably of late Harry Reid -- truly are.  And how desperate they seem to be getting in a vain attempt to prop up what perceived legitimacy their failing collectivist state system still possesses:

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