Blasphemy and the State


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This is an outrage. An oily, malevolent, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic martyr, the king of all Jews, has been denied his will to commit premeditated suicide by Sanhedrin and by Roman cop. And now the Roman government has another excuse to extort more wealth from the public, since the cell block must be staffed and maintained, and the oily bleeding heart, fed.

McElroy sure does have a keen eye for good segues, though. It's not hard to imagine what the provinces of the USA would become if the noxious vine in the DC were killed. Take "Constitution for the State of Illinois", for example. Its preamble is not only brazenly theorcratic but also nanny statist. There we have two licenses for charging dissidents with terrorism. The preamble isn't specifically Christian, however. So you gotta hand it to the theorcrats of the competing Abrahamic cults; they know how far to push the envelope without dividing theirselves against each other more than they already are. Still, the Illinoisan constitution needs to have the nonsense removed so that the ground will be better prepared for the killing of the Columbian vine.


"Yet Tucker had no quarrel with religion as a personal, voluntary code of morality. "

Judaism sure doesn't fit the criteria of personal and voluntary, and neither does Christianity. Perhaps Tucker was aware of this fact, as would have been even more prudent in his day than in our own.

"Those involved in the mock trial of Jesus offered him a reduced sentence for speaking the truth."

Jesus v. the Sanhedrin and the Roman government is a little like the anarcho-communists, so called, v. government. Those commies dream of sweeping away the present order and then setting up their own tyranny in its place. Thus do they have a flag that's black along the leading edge of the hoist and red at the trailing edge of the fly. Clever, clever commies. Still so clever, as were Jesus, his Rock, and that murderous knave, Saul.

Note well how Wendy returned to her original point of departure at the end of her essay. It's a sign of a thoughtful writer.