Bioethics and Classical Liberalism


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People who insist on having government health care should read this. It is not necessarily an argument for or against but rather and insightful look at the responsibility of the individual doctor and patient. 'Government' and 'care' are two words I have trouble logically conjoining. Bioethics and medicine, however, should exist as a single term. Curiously, I wonder what Hippocrates might say regarding the life support technology we have available to us in the 21st century?

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I found it really odd that Hall would make the following statements:

"Classical liberalism recognizes limits on the power of science and it is completely incompatible with the "deep" libertarianism that rejects even informal social controls over individual behavior. It especially eschews the progressive fervor of some radical libertarians who believe science holds the key to human perfection".

I thought to myself, "Gee, I am a radical libertarian and don't believe anything of the sort and don't recall other radical libertarians expressing that point of view".

Then I saw that, as support for these assertions, Hall refers to a book by Reason's Ronald Bailey and thought, oh that explains it.

If Hall doesn't want her position to be conflated with those of "radical libertarians", then I would ask of her the same courtesy; please do not conflate the views of intelligent and thoughtful libertarians with those of Ronald Bailey.