Big Marijuana Lobby Fights Legalization Efforts


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I say "we" make everything and everyone illegal. Except thee and me -- and, well, I'm not that keen on not making thee illegal too.

Think about it. Under that scenario the predators and psychopaths that make up that evil abstraction that is often admiringly (and erringly) referred to as "'our' country" or "the state" could arrest anybody for anything at any time. Wouldn't that be great?

Nobody could or would have anything to "lobby" over. Lobbying itself would suddenly become illegal.

Whoever wished to arrest anybody could, and would. For anything. At any time. No substance or service could legally be marketed. Your local prostitute could work out in the open, since the narcs and vicies would be too busy arresting thee and thine (me excepted) to worry about a little illicit poon-tang.

Talk about overloading the white man's "justice" system. It would all fall in a heap and we would all be free.

The drug "war" would end. Walgreens and your local head shop could thrive by putting anything and everything on the market, since the sale of band-aids and elixirs would also become illegal. And Snickers bars. And large soft-drinks. And small soft-drinks.

Alex, my sponsor once (after bailing me out of detox to bypass court) sat me down and counseled me about all those pesky slogans on the club-house wall: "One-Day-At-A-Time", "Live-And-Let-Live", etc etc.

He said, "...Sam, all those slogans are good advice. Except one: 'Think-Think-Think'. That one might apply to some of these guys and gals, but it does not apply to you. You need to quit thinking and start taking some action!..."