Big Government: An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished


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Stunning is not an accurate description for this article by Brandon. It is an excellent read to me, stunning in perfection for an article. For others, it may be another ho-hum piece. In his opening, he starts with “two types of people”, I have to sneak in another type, and that would be the ones who are “oblivious” those who keep up on nothing and when it all explodes they stand around trying to figure out what happened.
I now get the idea that government is an abstraction and a tool for the underground elite to scourge the earth and its people with. About twenty years ago I discovered that everyday people could never become a legislator without having penetrated into the underground via some surface organization. Of course, the biggest influence would be money. How to assemble such a vast amount to do battle with your opponent is an impressive feat.
Paragraph four is rather beautiful—a cat fight to secure the reins of power, to be the biggest bully. “Infantized citizenry”, exactly, those oblivious or hooked also. To bring either group to a common understanding that the government is simply a pure evil device is not an easy task. I have observed the presidents infamy exposed month after month, yet he continues to garner support and hoorays from the little people. His efforts to destroy this nation have been know from the beginning.
The bureaucratic class arrived some years gone past, but it does not diminish his point. Class differentiation has been going on for centuries. I would wager that even in a free, liberated society from the government there will still be class separation. Class separation is something to be feared I think. It carries the taint of a restart of the same old programs and corresponding difficulties found today. Even on this site there are persons who demonstrate their class separation from the rest and that is scary also.
Paragraph six is a frightening paragraph. It sings of those who support such abstractions and those who are oblivious to everything except what is immediately in-front of them. I do not believe many Americans understand what has been taken from them. The “worshipful attitude” is an excellent phrase that covers most Americans, sheep with a worshipful attitude.
There is so much here, and I seriously hope he is right in that once all this idiocy has run its course we will tear it down.