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Stefan Molyneux says more clearly and concisely what I've observed ever since my kids and grandkids felt sorry for me (I've always refuse to own television) and set me up with a computer and got me on the internet. A week or two ago I posted a list of various labels I had come across that are used by different "brands" or "flavors" or "types" of libertarians and anarchists. It seems the list I had compiled over the years numbered well over 40 varying disciplines. Then some readers posted more that I had missed to add to my list.

All superfluous.

It does not matter "how" such services as police and fire protection, streets and highways, air traffic control, etc., will come into being -- things that have generally been considered strictly the purveyance of state predators: "The Government", "The State", "My Country", "Our-Great-Nation", on and on go the slogans. Each of my 75 years has witnessed increasing incursions by omnipresent parasites of state into every phase and factor of the marketplace. And now these gangsters are bringing the economy right up to the edge of the abyss.

I've never seen a truly free market. Neither have you.

If you are on here it's because you believe the free market can and will give rise to better, faster, more efficient and less costly of these services than could ever be brought about by (dis)organized civil government. By the time these thieves and robbers finally cannibalize each other -- destroying an untold number of their serfs in the process -- and implode, all we can hope for is that there will be enough anarchists in our midst to make certain state will never happen again. Never.

Let the marketplace determine "how" -- it will, you know. Sam.

    No government anywhere, at any time, has ever brought net benefit to any society, and there is no desirable function that any government performs that could not be performed better, or less expensively, by free people operating on a voluntary basis for profit or for charity.

    ~Jim Davies

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