Be ready. Be vigilant.


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I suspect that the next one (or at least soon) will be a "false flag" operation, at a gun show or similar venue, in a foolhardy attempt to disprove the arguments against Victim Disarmament Zones.

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That is a nice observation. I am not an anarchist or any of the -isms of -ologies here. But Iam beginning to find some minimal hope. I have been reading that a number of Sheriffs are writing the V.P. and or making public statements that they will not enforce anygun ban policy that comes out of the white house. I have also read that some states have crafted legislation that would prevent the implimentation of gun ban laws in their state and would make it a felony if anyone were to try and enforce such a practice.
For nearly a year I have been researching out the stoner platform to purchase. Ones I really liked were just too much money $2000 plus up to $30,000 for one. Anyway I finally bought a Sig Sauer 556 for more than I wanted to pay but I know have one. The problem now will be finding the ammunition to shoot through it. I did get some .223 butwould rather have the 5.56 to send through it first since the bore is geard there.