Armed 11-Year Old Girl Defends Home from 3 Armed Burglars


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2A = Egalitarian Clause of the Constitution. (Try that on a liberal friend at a party tomorrow night!)

Humans evolved to be egalitarian, and only in an egalitarian Non-State society do humans behave as "autonomous and sovereign" individuals who "bow to no political power." (Service, 1975)

The early agricultural city-Statist (civilization) settlers from Europe greatly admired the egalitarian nature of the Non-State tribes and bands they observed, and this rebellion against hierarchy carried into Jefferson's "all men are created equal."

It also destroyed the hierarchical divine right of kings in France and gave that country the banner of "liberté, égalité, fraternité."

Much of this egalitarian Non-State band and tribal influence is documented in anthropologist Jack Weatherford's Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World.

It's no wonder that anthropologist Elman Service observed that "Many people living in non-state societies enjoy lifeways that a number of Americans seem intent on reinventing—such as close association with the land, small group size, and emphasis on oral traditions."

It's a real shame that so-called "libertarians" and "anarchists" have such a dim view of egalitarianism. Only with equal sociopolitical power can there be liberty. If there is hierarchy, that means somebody is Lording-over somebody else.

It reveals the hidden intent of those who, against clear evolutionary evidence, purport that egalitarianism is a revolt against nature: they want to Lord over others. These smooth-talking economic "social dominator" types cleverly whitewash their hierarchical intent in a toxic mimicry of freedom. I no longer am fooled by their scheme.