Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Suprise You!


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Are You A Closeted Commie? Are You A Pseudanarchist? The Answers May Not Suprise [sic] You!

Let's see now. At NYMAA there's little, or no, mention of the right to private property. Nevertheless, we have the following: "Are you a member of a club or sports team or any other voluntary organization where decisions are not imposed by one leader but made on the basis of general consent?" It's not hard to figure out what that means. NYMAA is pandering to thin-skinned babies who can't tolerate being told what to do, i.e. being given instructions, after having having voluntarily affiliated their selves with a sports team, a club, a business, a sailing crew, etc. Now, anyone who's ever been part of an unsuccessful sports team, business, etc. knows the price of wishwashy leadership. And, of course, communism is nothing if not a home for thin-skinned babies who don't like being told what to do. Oh, the irony.

Now, down the lefthand side of NYMAA's site there are a number of carefully chosen links. Following one got me very quickly to... They helpfully provide you with a guide to their ideology. See the star, half black and half red. The black side is for the tactic of pretending to be anarchists and working to sweep aside current governments, mainly through mobocracy. The rioting children in Wisconsin are a good example of mobocracy. The red side of the star is for communism, which is the antithesis of anarchism.

Another link at NYMAA takes the clicker to the New York City Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, Yep, commies once again. In fact, the IWW has it's headquarters within walking distance of Lakeview.

The prosecution rests.

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HAHAHAHAHA! Good Catch. Property is theft!??!? Kissing Proudhon a$$. I tracked down the multi colored pentagram and had a chuckle. Thank you for that.
TPTB have never seen a subversive movement they did not like.

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Ah, yes, Mr. Grigg had the rioting children dead to rights pretty fast.

It so happened that another cryptocommie movement surfaced just recently and found mention at

Note the grocery list of desires that are sure to appeal to a wide variety of half-educated fools:

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"Many people seem to think that anarchists are proponents of violence, chaos, and destruction, that they are against all forms of order and organization, or that they are crazed nihilists who just want to blow everything up."

    Quick definitions from WordNet (nihilist)
    noun: someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief
    noun: an advocate of anarchism

    anarchist NOUN (1)
    1. an advocate of anarchism;
    [syn:nihilist, syndicalist] ~ Wordnet 3.0

    nihilist Specifically An adherent of nihilism; a member of a Russian secret society which aims at the overthrow of the existing order of things, social, political, and religious; a Russian anarchist or revolutionary reformer. See nihilism, 4. ~ Wordnik

    Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:
    71 Moby Thesaurus words for "nihilist": ...anarchist...

    Related Words for : nihilist
    anarchist, syndicalist ~

Gee, I wonder why people would associate anarchists with nihilists? Hey, I know, maybe it's because so many dictionaries do!

Are You An Anarchist?

Yes, I know that there are some definitions that are more positive than that, and I know that it is probably a complete waste of my time telling some of you this, AGAIN, because you've already made up your mind, and you will choose to ignore this post. That's certainly your prerogative. This is directed at the individual who has not yet labeled himself, he needs to know that this is typically what he will be up against if he uses the word "anarchist " to describe himself.

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Anarchy has more degrees than witchcraft : ] (almost). I prefer this definition>

Scroll down to number 12 on this very useful chart.

The whole FAQ sheet is decent.

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A "late bloomer" to the internet, I immediately recognized the dizzying array of labels being used by those of us espousing freedom and liberty. I began a list as I came across a new one, but this is only partial:

Various Libertarian and
Anarchist Labels
• Agorism
• Anarchism
• Anarcho-Capitalism (Mises/Rothbard)
• Anarcho-communism
• Anarcho-syndicalism
• Anti-Positivism
• Apriorism
• Carsonian mutualism
• Classical Liberalism
• Collectivist anarchist
• Communism
• Consequentialism
• Eco-Libertarianism
• Eco-Socialist-Libertarian
• Establishment liberal left
• Explicitly anarchist, pro-decentralist libertarians (Kinsella)
• Geoanarchism
• Geoism
• Geolibertarianism
• Georgism
• Green-Libertarianism
• Individualist anarchism
• Individualist/collectivist anarchist Individualist/collectivist anarchism
• Left Libertarianism
• Left-Rothbardians
• Legal Positivism
• Liberal socialism
• Liberalism
• Libertarian Populism (James Ostrowski)
• Libertarian Socialism
• Libertarianism
• Localism and decentralization
• Logical Positivism
• Market anarchism
• Minarchism
• Modal Libertarianism
• Modern Liberalism
• Moral consequentialism
• Mutualism
• Natural-rights libertarianism
• Neo-liberalism
• Neolibertarianism
• Objectivism
• Panarchism
• Plumbline Libertarianism
• Praxeology
• Primitivist Anarchism
• Progressive Libertarianism
• Punkish/syndicalist/queer radical social anarchism (above two from Rad Geek site)
• Queer anarchism (“sex workers?”)
• Radical minarchists
• Right Libertarianism
• Rothbardian strain of market anarchism
• Schmodal Libertarianism
• Social Darwinian right-wing economics
• Socialism
• Socialist-Libertarianism
• Syndicalist Anarchism
• Utilitarianism (Friedman’s strain of Anarcho-capitalism)
• Utopian socialism
• Voluntarism

You may find a number of libertarian labels I didn't include. But it appears there are almost as many labels as there are those who wish to be free of state.