Are Jedi Knights Libertarian or Socialist?


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I have pondered this myself. It may be a good springboard for young minds to begin a debate. Based on personality and their behavioral tendancies, I conclude the following based on this article:

YODA=LIBERTARIAN: A strict student of the ways of the 'force' as a philosophy and belief system, this Jedi Master seeks only to foster the most positive aspects of existence and co-existence among all sentient beings. A people in touch with the ability to coexist would not need a government.

OBI WAN=SOCIALIST: He believes in that good ol' democratic republic that he has sworn to uphold as a Jedi. Never mind that the majority of people in the galaxy would just as soon be left alone. Nope. As long as the 'majority' of people are cool with whatever government does, then it must be okay.

MACE WINDU=CENTRIST: The consumate rule follower and oath keeper. He may or may not totally agree with all that is going on around him, let alone who is in charge, but what is entirely black and white about the code of the Jedi is his forte. By the time he is able to see what violence is inherent in the system (with apologies to Monty Python), it is way too late.

This may be over simplification, but the article was kind of cheesy. Not bad, but cheesy.