Anti-Gun D.C. Police Chief on How to Survive An "Active Shooter" Event


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Why is it always the plutocrats, politicians, Hollywood types, brass-hatted cops, etc, (who all have personal entourages of security and/or unrestricted personal armed carry privileges for themselves) who lecture the rest of us that guns dont make us safer?

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Because they are smarter than the remainder of the unwashed masses, we are stupider to I guess because we can't act, can't dance, can't sing, can't lie, or maybe it is the fact that they recognize most of us can see through their smoky mirrors. To conclude, stupid is as stupid does! That was the stupidest remark I have ever read. I noted today on "Jews for the Protection of Gun Rights" they listed by nation the highest rates of mass shooting, contrary to the House Boys remark earlier this week. The U.S.A. ranks 8th with mass shootings, and what I garnered from the article these other countries out ranked the U.S.A. in numbers killed.