Another Public Health Lie Goes Up In Smoke


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I read this article on alcohol consumption and all the false health claims today and wanted to share it:

So we sell this in shops and pretend it is pretty harmless while forbidding weed and other drugs. We even allow alcohol brands to advertise.
What sick world do we live in that we allow corporations to toxicate us on a daily basis and cannot count on a government to regulate this industry.
I don't want to go back to prohibition, but isn't it at least crazy that we allow mass marketing for something that bad?

More info on the effects of weed, here:

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helpfuljosh, When has the government ever been helpful? Right now they are attempting to legislate a bill to increase the authority of the government to intervene on States which have legalized medical marijuana, so they can arrest the sellers and the users. Unlike most all members of this site, I am not totally against government, just big, big, greedy, self-aggrandizing, egoistical, all self important better than thou, intruding, coercive, secretive puss government to include just about every member in all three branches. Government has a limited function in society, and it is nothing closely or remotely resembling what is currently in play or has been in play.
From my understanding Dr. Merecola is a fake. Can't prove it, but according to some sites I have visited his recommendations and suggestions are not sound or reasonably based.
Thanks for the link. Didn't read it all as it tended to be old information that has circulated for decades.