Another Coward Plutocrat Volunteers Other People's Children To Fight His Battles


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Proposition 1: Is Lindsey Graham Competent? Generally speaking as one gains ground on time, time gains ground on the individual. I don’t know much about Graham, but from some of the ideologies he proposes and supports does not have any creative intelligence. I feel and believe that most Americans are not highly interested in sending our young men back into the hot bed of Hell. If we don’t, what is the most probable outcome by letting ISIS grow and spread? Most everyone understands that ISIS wants to kill Americans and destroy Israel. My question here is who among you are pleased and contented to let ISIS be.
Proposition 2: Would you believe any President have ordered a ground strike on Iraq knowing they had no nuclear capabilities?
Proposition 3: Graham thinks a ground invasion “may not have been the right answer”. I see an implication here that Graham would have supported a ground invasion bases on any other reason. Csn Graham be trusted? I guess this is a moot question given the fact that the majority of STR members are non-bean droppers. Certainly voting does not improve circumstances for a STR philosophy, but the underlying concern is, are you willing to let your son or daughter or even grandchildren be drafted to fight political wars?
Currently, the House Boy playing at being President has achieved much in destabilizing this nation by removing huge chunks of military personnel, and has made this nation weak. Is the philosophy of STR a point also of destabilizing this nation and making us subjects, slaves, serfs, to another religious ideology? Not that we are already subject to the whims and dictates of a political system that has been failing from its origins.
Proposition 4: Graham blame’s Saddam Hussein for destabilizing the region “He had a lot to do with destabilizing the region.” Really. Did he. Yes he committed some horrific acts upon his people and the Kurds, but as Sam can point out so have numerous other leaders out of history. What is bothersome is the attitude, view and philosophy that is corrosive to the stability and safety of this nation.
An Observation: Recently an young, white, female aide worker for the Red Cross was captured by ISIS. She, according to reports, was sexually abused by the Alpha leader for a period of time and then beheaded. There did exist a period of time the U.S. could have made efforts to intervene in an effort to save her life, but these brilliant minds and the House Boy choose to ignore her. If STR believes in non-violence I can understand why no one offered any token to assist in any attempt in saving this young woman’s life. We read about it and say “Oh well, everybody has problems. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone over there to begin with..”
Proposition 5: “At the end of the day, I blame President Obama for the mess in Iraq, and Syria, not President Bush” Well, Graham has shown exactly where his colors lie. It is with party politics and not with Americans. Do we want to go to war with ISIS? If we don’t what are we to be faced with in the future, the very near future? When they come after us, do you have what is necessary to defend yourself against this enemy? Do you have the resources to feed your family and to provide the necessary medical attention they may need? There are so many other questions which could be asked, but you have to ask those questions for yourself.
Conclusion: Graham couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag. This man is incompetent to the core and has left all values of liberty and freedom behind for his own self-centered, egoistical, self-aggrandizing greed. Something must be done and I do not have the cognitive skills necessary to discover the solution.