Anarchism and Politics in History


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"One cannot remain an anarchist and take part in...government." ~ Carl Watner

"Take part in...government" seems to mean, to Carl, at least, that One can maintain membership in, and be entitled to, the privileges doled out by the long as One "does not vote" or "compete for a position of power". I put forth, that if One hasn't withdrawn from membership in the body politic, then One IS "a player", and IS already in a "position of power", regardless of whether One utilizes that "power" or not, i.e. whether One votes or not.

If, however, One's vote does not have the "power" to "alter or abolish" the government, as some here contend, (with which I agree), then One withholding his or her vote is a virtually meaningless act.

And, I can only begin to imagine some of the interpretations "...or support the players of the game in any other way" might engender, so I will stay away from that can of worms, for the time being.