American Psycho: Sex, Lies and Politics Add Up to a Terrifying Election Season


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Not only has the media, the women's movement and the religious right given up principle for power, but so has the anti-war movement.

Anyway, what is power for, if not access to women? Women have made themselves whores to the Government Pimp, rather than taking care of business themselves. No wonder their gains look illusory.

It looks like the Rutherford Institute is going anarchist on us. That's new, right? No more of the haranguing us to vote.

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Whitehead almost seemed to cross over. But not quite:

    "...Let’s not waste any more time on predator politics..."

As though there might, just might, be another style of politics other than predator. But for him (And Rutherford), this display of anger almost makes them appear to have turned the corner.

    "...This is what happens when politics is allowed to trump principle: “we the people” lose..."

One closer step might have been the acknowledgement that "...politics is the trumping of principle...".

Maybe next year. Sam