Aging Europe Needs the Migrants It Doesn't Want


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The aging Germany and shortage of skilled workers:
There are several lobbyist groups that push for more
The parts of the administration that handle welfare
as well as big charitable organisations like Charitas
and Arwo who are in the same business.
Its about state funding, the annual distribution of taxmoney.
The more "clients" they have, the bigger parts of the cake they
can claim, the better for them.
And then there are the Employers, the big corporations
with their constant complaints about the acute shortage
of skilled labour.
Acute Shortage meets high demand, now you might
expect an abundance of well paid jobs.
In this case you expect to much, at least for the
last 10 to 15 years.
Here its only to create an even greater oversupply
of potential (skilled or unskilled)workers on the labour market.
Anyway these are not the 1960ies anymore, what
young Person with a university degree is supposed
to come to Germany to "work for food and housing"?
Instead many of the People that really do come are
rather a burden for the existing society, except
for the aforementioned lobbyist groups.