Adventures in Federal Budget Cutting


Paul's picture

Talk about an idiotic conclusion! How's this for a howler: "We need lots of mid-level managers who are not afraid to put their jobs on the line." An ex-bureaucrat, no wonder he lives in la-la land.

Reform is impossible. Only bankruptcy and revolution will fix this problem.

Melinda L. Secor's picture

HA HA...yes indeed. Wouldn't you think that after years of banging his head against that brick wall of bureaucracy he'd get the idea that working within that system for "reform" is an exercise in futility? Interesting how people close their minds in that little box....assuming that the way it has "always been done" is the only way it can be, regardless of the glaringly obvious fact that it hasn't worked in the past and surely isn't working now. They just keep doing the same things and expecting different results.