F*** Tibet!

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I begin this essay with the premise that governments everywhere are essentially gangsters with flags who are defined by their monopoly on force over a given area and are dependent upon mystical or intellectual propaganda in order to exist. By using force (violence) as their modus operandi, governments are de facto ethically and morally bankrupt. But hey, it works, so the ends justify the means, and might makes right. Right?

These gangster "nations" have carved out territories on the face of the Earth to the extent that they can control the boundaries, which are then called States (please respectfully use a capital "S" when referring to them). State guns then point outward from their borders directly into the array of guns pointing back towards them from neighboring States.

Thus the entire geography of the planet is partitioned, each State given a name and a flag and a tenuous membership among the Gang of Nations.

United States of America. China. Tibet.

And speaking of Tibet, we must...

Free Tibet!

Ah, the injustice. China has overrun the peaceful little country and forced the Dalai Lama to flee and set up a government in exile. This simple man of peace wants his people freed from the yoke of Chinese aggression so that his beloved country can once again enjoy its independence.

Now I am not here to claim that life for the typical Tibetan is any better or any worse under Chinese rule than under the Dalai Lama. My claim is that the typical Tibetan is, and has been, subject to government rule. Some group of gangsters with a flag has, with their monopoly on force within the borders of the land area labeled "Tibet," used that force to restrict the freedom of the people who have lived there.

For their own good, of course.

Free Tibet? This boils down to a plea to the Gang of Nations: Please let the gangsters that are more humane restrict the freedoms of the people of Tibet. The Gang of China ignored the thieves' code set forth by the ethically and morally bankrupt Gang of Nations when it eliminated the Tibetan Mob from its elite company.

Bad, China. Bad.

Don't you just feel so sorry for those poor Tibetan thugs? Lost their flag and everything.

When the actual Tibetan people are considered, the idea is that the Tibetan gangsters would treat them better than the Chinese gangsters, and so the Dalai Lama should be returned to power. After all, every human being on the planet needs to submit to the protection racket mandated by a group of gangsters to restrict his or her freedoms, or there would be *gasp* ANARCHY! Dogs and cats living together, etc.

The Free Tibet! movement is like a group of people petitioning outside the jailhouse with pickets that read "Free Don Corleone!" He is our lovable little mobster with a heart of gold, and we are used to his lesser form of abuse and don't want to be abused by anyone else. Let him be free so that we may be enslaved more justly.

Free Tibet! translates to Free the Gangsters of Tibet ! and allow them to once more rule the people of Tibet as they wish, and to fly their very own flag alongside all the others in the Gang of Nations.

Because let's not be confused about the Dalai Lama and his government in exile. It was a national government like all the rest. That government had laws, police, and soldiers, and it funded itself through exacting tribute (taxes) from its citizens. The Dalai Lama is merely a politician—with all the baggage that entails—ethical and moral bankruptcy included. He ruled with force, just as the Chinese gangsters are doing in his place. Using less force does makes life easier for the citizenry, but it does not ethically and morally change the Dalai Lama's status. Ethics and morality apply to him just the same as they apply to you and me: He is not exempt.

But no, you see, the story goes that the Dalai Lama is the current incarnation of a long line of Buddhist Masters who have chosen to be reborn as leaders of men in order to enlighten them—a rehash (number thirty-four, I believe) on the whole Divine Right of Kings theme. This human being is special'a divinely appointed and superior individual answerable to no man. The Authority. The Ruler. The King. The Dalai Lama. Send your money to this address by this date or Guido comes by to pay you a visit. Thank you so much for your support!

Well then, perhaps these Tibetan people deserve to be ruled over for being backward enough to submit to such mumbo-jumbo.

Of course, we here in the United States recently had our own version of the Free Tibet! campaign. We called it Elect Obama! We were tired of the heavy-handed, power-abusing Bush regime. We deserved better! It was a time for Change! A time of Hope! If we must have a dictator, let him be a kinder, gentler one in the spirit of the Great Fathers Abraham of Lincoln and FD of R! Everyone open their History Book Hymnals to pages 1860 and 1932 and read in unison of how we were all saved! And as it was, so shall it be again! Amen!

So we pleaded with our fellow citizens'please, please let's vote ourselves a considerate massa ! One who won't whup us so hard! Someone to save us from ourselves! A wave of downright giddiness accompanies the feeling of empowerment that comes with being permitted to courageously and publicly demand one's very own master from an open field of two! All bow down to The Divine Right of the Majority and their Chosen One! He shall lead us through the troubled times! Our earthy, common-folk wisdom has selected the One who is superior to us all! E pluribus unum!

That's some real-life democracy in action for you right there. Our Dalai Lama is reincarnated every four years'a much more sophisticated system of government.

Well, perhaps these people also deserve to be ruled over for being backward enough to submit to such mumbo-jumbo.

I know, I know. Governments aren't great, but you gotta have one, and this one here's the best there is, flawed as it might be, we're freer than anyone else, if you don't like it, leave it, and blah, blah, blah.

Stow that.

People, not nations, are free. Free Tibet? Free Humanity! is the correct idea.

But to whom does that plea go? Who will listen and take the action to free humanity? The Gang of Nations? Really?

Are you human? Do you wish to be free? How will this occur? Are you waiting for someone to grant you your freedom? Then that person has more power over you than you do yourself. Don't you see the paradox? Isn't it obvious?

Only you can free yourself. When everyone decides to live free, then the world will be free.

Free Tibet?

F*** Tibet!

Can you see where I'm coming from?

Free Yourself! and Free the World!

(roaring applause heard as we fade to black)

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