An Open Letter to David Horowitz (Although He Doesn't Know It)

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The letter below was written in response to yet another mailing from a guy I used to listen to, foolishly believing the rhetoric about 'freedom' and 'liberty.' This guy is one of the worst offenders. I am ashamed of my former warmongering beliefs, and the way I have let 'intellectuals' like this fool me into going along, all of which I shall dive into in later writing. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here's my pathetic little idea to help freedom along: drain the neocons of their funds by encouraging their junk mail.

David Horowitz

c/o David Horowitz Freedom Center

P.O. Box 130707

Houston , TX 77219-0707

March 10, 2008

Dear Sir:

I called your offices many months ago to request that my name and address (above) be removed from your database. I see that this has not happened. I originally thought that I would call your offices again, and be more assertive, perhaps even angry, in order to get my name and address removed. However, now I have changed my mind.

I realized that every mailing that goes unnoticed, or simply thrown out, costs you a few pennies. This being the case, I figure one way to fight against the bloodthirsty, bigoted, and warmongering work that you neocons do is to continue to receive mailings from you and discard them. I can gain some small satisfaction knowing that each mailing I throw away means you have lost more money, which in turn means that there may yet be a chance for freedom and liberty in my lifetime, if enough people are sent mailings, and each of them dutifully throws them away afterward.

It would also be another chance for me to purge myself of my former neocon views, flawed ideas and faulty beliefs that have now aided in killing untold thousands of innocents. So rather than delete my name and address from your database, please send more mail in my direction. In fact, please pass this data around to your neocon friends in other think-tanks so that they can waste their money on me as well. Every little bit helps, as the science behind an avalanche will tell you.

And there is an avalanche coming in this country. The Ron Paul rEVOLution was but a taste. Thank you, sir, for helping me to feel like there is yet one more way I can contribute to liberty and peace.

I look forward to your next piece of junk mail. So does my freedom-loving garbage can.


[B.R.] Merrick

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