Bush's Latest War Dance

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January 18, 2008

Liars can't stand the truth. When the liars in the White House learned about the last National Intelligence Estimate that made it clear Iran had given up on its plans to build a nuclear weapons program back in 2003, they immediately went into action to carry out their war plans aimed at Iran in spite of the facts. Facts to politicians, and to all liars, don't matter. The neocon Commander in Chief jumped into action and called the Israeli Prime Minister a week before the NIE was even published! W. told Olmert he was 'uncomfortable' with the findings that Iran does not even have a nuclear weapons program. Newsweek reported that Bush was 'almost apologetic' as he let Olmert in on the bad news for the Israeli war machine that uses American cannon fodder, American weapons and American cash. It's hard to carry on a crusade for a Greater Israel of Biblical proportions when facts start to get in the way! In addition to the former cheerleader's phone call to Olmert, the US State Department sent high level bureaucrats to Israel shortly after the NIE findings were announced to confer with high level officials of the Jewish State. It goes without saying that they were trying to do damage control and figure out how to get around the facts and continue on their path to war with Iran.

Currently Bush is in the Middle East attempting to whip up anti-Iranian hysteria in his unceasing efforts to get another war going for Israel's benefit. While conducting his current war dance in the region, Bush is said to have 'disowned' the facts in the NIE! The war pig Bush went further on Sunday when he gave a speech during his visit to the United Arab Emirates in which he called on countries in the Middle East to confront Iran 'before it is too late.'

This is reminiscent of his call for the US and the world to go to war against Iraq before there are mushroom clouds and it is too late! Politicians love the tool of fear! It's a great control mechanism! Sadly, it appears we have much more war and violence in our future.

To buy support in the region for another US/Israeli war, Bush is offering to sell billions of dollars worth of high tech weapons to Saudi Arabia. Of course, he is going to GIVE billions of tax dollars worth of even higher tech weapons to Israel. To be exact, 30 BILLION US TAX DOLLARS worth over the next 10 years to guarantee Israel's supremacy in the region! Some political opportunists in Washington may not sign on to the agreement to sell these weapons to Saudi Arabia because they fear it could eventually threaten their string-pullers in Israel.

To completely prove that Bush, Israel and US politicians don't really want what they say they want, a two state solution to the Palestinian/Israeli war, all you have to do is see which Palestinians Bush visited with on his trip to the Middle East. Was it the people who won the Palestinian elections by a landslide, Hamas? NO! Bush completely ignored the choice of the people and instead talked with the corrupt Palestinian sell-outs of Fatah who lost the elections! When the headlines read 'Israel and Palestinians Talk Peace,' they don't mean the Palestinians who won the popular vote, they mean the sell-outs like Abbas of Fatah. This is what Bush and the neocons mean by 'democracy'!

Another embarrassment for Bush on his Middle East war dance is Iran. Over the weekend Iran agreed to answer all of the remaining questions about their nuclear program that the International Atomic Energy Agency has asked them. This is another stumbling block for the neoconservative war party. And it demonstrates the unbalanced situation in the Middle East. Why doesn't the UN send investigators to Israel's nuclear plants? Why doesn't the US and the world condemn Israel's nuclear weapons and other WMD? Just because the American media doesn't see the hypocrisy against the Palestinians and favoritism towards Israel on behalf of the US government doesn't mean the rest of the world suffers from the same destructive selective vision.

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