Smarter Than a Rothschild or a British Prime Minister?


March 20, 2008

"Financially, the US is not an independent country." ~ Paul Craig Roberts

Gold surpassed $1000 on Friday, March 14, to the collective silence of the financial advisors and investment columnists of the mainstream US media. When the economic gurus of the MSM missed the predictable, seven year rise of precious metals, their ignorance was obvious.

Have you ever watched that TV show: 'Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?' Deliciously wicked fun and rather subversive, especially coming from ultra-conservative Fox.

Apparently most Americans are not smarter than the kids on the show. Most of the adult guests boast a college degree but their worldview is incredibly narrow. Predictably, the adults perform like buffoons when asked even the simplest of questions, to the delight of children and subversives like myself.

We then realize many of these so-called educated adults, stumbling over simple questions of logic or knowledge, represent many of our leaders today.

I am not an educated man, nor do I possess any advanced degrees, but I do enjoy reading a wide range of subjects. The most important thing I've learned is not to trust learned people at face value, but seek a second, third or fourth perspective, oftentimes from other, equally uneducated people like myself. Humans, especially many college educated ones, possess a predictable tendency to lie, cheat and steal, or otherwise hoodwink lesser educated or more gullible souls (like myself). Later these shysters run for high political office on their vast, prior accomplishments.

For example, in 1999, Gordon Brown, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, (Brit Treasury Secretary), sold more than 450 tons of British gold for around $275 an ounce. You do the math in the money lost by that idiotic economic policy. Less than 50 years ago, the British government possessed nearly 3,000 tons of gold.

Thanks to the brilliant Brown, or to the powers behind the throne as they say, England currently possesses 300+ tons. Which brings us to the question: How could any high government official, who costs his government some $8 billion, become Prime Minister? What sort of wanker would sell his country's national treasury?

The current British prime minister, of course, someone who does NOT seem to be smarter than a 5th grader. Certainly Brown appears to be an educated fellow, judging from his curricula vita, but nonetheless an ignorant ass happily masturbating members of the New World Order, for fun and profit. By creating chaos out of order, in order to profit by the coming disorder, Brown helps wreck the British economy.

But $5-10 billion is chump change compared to the wastefulness of Bush/Cheney LLC. While Bush supporters sold American voters on the wisdom of voting for the only US president with an MBA, his business degree appears to be fraudulent. Harvard Business School should be ashamed, an investigation commenced, as an MBA degree from an Ivy League school does not appear to make one smarter than a 5th grader.

The average STR reader seems twice as smart as anyone serving in Washington DC. How do I know? Because I only learned what little I know about the gold standard and fiat currency (used to think it was an Italian car) by reading STR rather than the business section of the local newspapers. Seems the local papers rarely mentioned gold or inflation in the past seven years. No newspaper I read ever mentioned Ron Paul or Murray Rothbard and the monetary system. None mentioned what $200 billion more paper parachutes would do to the US dollar in the long run, nor whose benefit the recent bailout was intended for.

Are YOU smarter than the average 5th grade? Apparently twice as smart as those who got their financial advice from a government official, or a newspaper columnist, in the past seven years.

As dumb as I am about money, about personal finances, at least I had the smarts to ignore any advice about gold from a Rothschild.

In an STR column called, Buy Gold--Before They Sell Out, I quoted Jay Taylor: "Two articles from the Financial Times relating to gold are excellent examples of how the mainstream media is spinning lies to keep the public out of the gold markets. The first article, titled, 'Rothschild To Pull Out Of Gold Market' by Charles Pretzlik, was published on April 14. When I first read this article, my suspicions immediately were raised to a very high level. First of all, the Rothschilds are very private. This is one of the most private families and many believe absolutely the richest family on the face of the earth . . . . When I first read this article, I suspected what the Financial Times article was being used by the Rothschilds to mislead the public into thinking they were 'getting out of gold' as in selling all the gold they owned, when in fact, I suspected they were actually getting out of the business of lending gold "

Taylor continued: "When this financial debacle that is still being created by Greenspan and his partners in this crime eventually blows up, economic participants of all sizes and shapes will demand gold as a medium of exchange and store of value. Otherwise they won't lift a finger to do any work or buy anything, because paper money will be exposed for the worthless scam it is."

But where will that leave the rest of us, I wondered then; those of us whose wealth is measured in microliters by comparison to the Rothschilds' metric tons? "The Rothschilds are not stupid," Taylor continued. "And they wouldn't get out of gold exactly at one of its lowest points in history, to enter a real estate market that is at its peak in history. Smart money simply doesn't behave that way. So when I read this Financial Times article, I was sure I smelled a rat."

True then and true today. Taylor, and many others like him, were far smarter than a 5th grader, refusing to be waylaid by the Gordon Browns, Greenspans and Rothschilds of the world. Indeed, perhaps the Rothschilds bought that gold from the Bank of England at Gordon Brown's fire sale.

But gold is not the only answer. Gold is only one small, personal, life raft for those of us standing on the sloping deck of the US Titanic. If you own gold you suddenly discover gold owns you; you've become a gold minder.

'The problem with gold/silver is that when the chips are down, they are worthless, wrote a fellow named Brant in When Governments Print Money, Buy Gold. 'After Katrina the most important thing you could have to trade/barter with was toilet paper or bottled water. Basically you can't eat gold . . . For years, my father-in-law has about a 1/2 acre hobby garden growing beans, corn, tomatoes, etc and his neighbor has some egg laying chickens. I would think that given three people, one with a garden, one with chickens, and one with a suitcase full of gold, the one with the gold is the one left out.'

No, we are not smarter than a 5th grader. Indeed, the school children of today will justly accuse us all of ignorance bordering on madness, for allowing the twin crime families of Clinton/ Bush to devastate the country.

In the likelihood of an economic meltdown'becoming more and more predictable each day'invest in what will offer you the best return. Certainly, precious metals are safer than paper currency, but precious friendships, those that test our true mettle, are safe bets too. Invest in those; secure your own borders; lay in a store of food and a greater store of personal faith. Another Great Depression, like the ill-fated pleasure cruise of the Titanic, is underway as I write this. Build those lifeboats now, in any shape or form you find comfortable or provident.

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