Truther Long Before It Was Cool


March 3, 2008

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." ~ George Orwell

Maybe you questioned authority as a kid. Maybe you question authority now. Maybe you will question authority forever, demanding proof for all the State-Ments you hear, those pronouncements vetted by the state and state controlled media meant for your total control, that just don't sound factual or feel right to you.

Edward Abbey, a Truther long before it was cool, wrote: 'Questions. Every statement raises more and newer questions . . . . QUESTION AUTHORITY reads a bumper sticker I saw the other day in Moab, Utah. Thoreau would doubtless have amended that to read 'Always Question Authority.' I would add only the word 'All' before the word 'Authority.' Including, of course, the authority of Henry David himself.'

Cactus Ed Abbey, like Thoreau and Twain before him and, God knows, mythical Adam and Eve too, questioned authority, seeking truth and wisdom beyond the official doctrine, be they religious or military, political or philosophical doctrines.

Maybe you questioned the war in Vietnam long before Tonkin, long before the first proclamations from Congress, long before you saw bloody carnage on TV, long before you listened to any US general sloganeering the official party line as dictated by the White House. Maybe you have lived long enough to have questioned the reasons behind Pearl Harbor, The Great Depression and Black Tuesday.

Then you were a Truther long before it was cool.

Because, to be a Truther, however unpopular, is to be cool in every age, especially those where lies prevail as the official policy.

When did the US begin to LIE to her citizens as part of official policy? Was it in 1947, the second day after Roswell? Or was it much earlier, perhaps 1912 when the Federal Reserve rose to power and, like termites, began to destroy this archaic wooden structure called America from within? Perhaps the state began to lie in earnest in the faked war with Spain, or the faked war with Mexico, a war protested by Thoreau.

Or was it long before? Or does the exact date really even matter?

Truthers know the state lied long before 911, long before Roswell, long before their parents and grandparents were born. States LIE, and thus Truthers must resist them with whatever means they have at hand.

To be a Truther is to be a man or woman of such a stubborn streak, a cheerful non-conformist in a world of placid conformity, a purist in the very real sense of the word, simply because you like your truths to be self-evident and unadulterated.

Maybe you were a Truther from the day you were born. Maybe Truth was part of your DNA! Maybe the need for the truth is as intrinsic to you as your need to breathe fresh, pure air, your desire to drink deeply, from the scarcest springs of pure freshwater. Your very real need for the truth made you a TRUTHER long before 911, long before Vietnam, long before history, long before the Dawn of Man. Long before you existed.

We may suffer fools gladly but rarely liars, especially official ones. The state lies as official policy. Thus, to be a Truther, in the very real sense (pre-9/11), is never to accept the official version of Anything the state tells you at face value. Even stupid sheep refuse to follow those they do not know or trust. So why do stupid Americans follow blindly, accept lies or swallow fraud and fakery?

You know yourself as a Truther first and an American second. All truths are self-evident, and this is one truth etched in gold, guarded by angels. If, in the course of daily business, American officials lie to you, as is their official policy, they do so under the mantle of falsehood. Your duty is to reject it outright. No real Truther accepts false policy as his own.

Jesus was a Truther and so was Galileo. They examined the conspiracies of their day and called them to be false. Likewise, Thoreau was a Truther, more so than his more famous colleagues, Emerson and Longfellow. And that, my friend, is WHY Thoreau is more well known today than either of his somewhat forgotten colleagues, or his long forgotten townsmen. Thoreau, the Truther of Walden Pond, spent his days separating fact from fiction. The official truths'most all of them found to be false--did not set Thoreau free until he freed himself from their fakery.

You will find, in a land of fraudulent lies, truth is more precious even than precious metal. And more scarce. But truth exists in everyone like a deep, undisturbed vein of platinum. Even Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have some streaks of truth, however slim. If one were to dig deep enough into Dick Cheney, deep below the veritable sierras of subterfuge, and remove all the overburden and push the mountainous tailing piles of official lies aside, one might eventually discover a couple ounces of pure golden truths discarded long ago.

But, like so many other liars working in the Deception Capitol (D.C.) of America, the Un-truthers spread their toxins profitably. In a time of deep and lasting deception, only Truthers will counter those lies. Long after the last official lie, the last vestige of the state has eroded, only truth and Truthers will endure.

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