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I've been peering into my crystal ball again, trying to see what government might do to impede a peaceful Anarchist Revolution when it awakens to the fact that one is under way. This is to give you a quick overview, and especially to ask any reader to jump in to the STR Forum, or just email me directly, if he thinks of any kind of hostile action the parasites might take, in the circumstances described, that isn't listed here. They aren't too bright, but when its continued existence is threatened, members of any group tend to become highly inventive, so I may have overlooked a few. The outcome this Summer will be a new book detailing the progress of the revolution, and a free copy will gladly be provided to any who make such a contribution.

I've already shown here what will take place in about 2022, when government people begin to notice that the ground beneath them is shifting, and in 2027, when the process is happily completed and all of them have told their bosses to take their jobs and shove them. Here's what may happen during those five years, as the freedom-seeking community doubles annually from 6 or 7 million to over a quarter billion. As in those earlier two articles, my underlying premises are:

1. Each person diligently works through and graduates from an interactive freedom school (several hundred already have)

2. Each graduate finds one friend a year to join the same school, and helps him through it (again, already happening)

3. If working in the Parasite Sector, each graduate quits his job in favor of an honest one--so withdrawing support.

The rest is simple math; the graduate community will double annually and produce the numbers mentioned above. Several freedom schools may come to supplement that first one--the more the merrier--but that's the only method that can result in a population that understands and desires a free society, and it is not vulnerable because distribution of the course is in the hands of graduates; literally, in the form of CDs. Government may well destroy the website(s) but cannot destroy millions of privately owned CDs--and there is no "organization," with a "leader," to be decapitated.

When in about 2023 noticeable numbers of government and government-contractor employees leave their jobs, boosting the normal attrition rate, we can expect serious resistance to begin. What form might it take? Here's what, so far, I expect:

(a) Destruction of the website(s) where the interactive school(s) reside. That's a fairly obvious trick, and may indeed be played before 2023 under some fatuous pretext. As above, it will have negligible effect.

(b) Criminalize possession of copies of the school(s). This too will have negligible effect, for CDs and other storage devices of the future are readily concealable and can be created with great ease, in contrast to (for example) illegal drugs today--which, though prohibited, manage still to circulate among about 24 million regular users. Further, the distribution will be from friend to friend, not to strangers from a stranger who could be an entrapment narc. Further yet, prohibiting anything always stimulates interest--so its effect may even be counterproductive.

(c) Launch a government propaganda machine to contradict what the freedom school(s) teach. This will be done with unlimited resources, but will founder on one impediment: the intellectual case for freedom is rock solid and indestructible. Such a counterreformation failed in the 16th Century, when a far less well-founded set of religious ideas was to be contradicted by Mother Church ; Protestants are still with us. The next one (the case for government, which government people are always so loth to make, being as it is so feeble) will fail with an even more resounding thud.

(d) Enact some kind of no-quit law, for government employees. This would be comparable to the service extensions now in place for the army occupying Iraq , and will be even less popular among its victims. Two obvious limits will apply: (i) a majority of workers in the Parasite Sector are actually working for commercial companies, under contract to government--how does one frame a law to freeze those jobs?--and (ii) prohibiting resignations will be a form of enslavement, and will cause all affected workers to go slow, exactly as antebellum slaves did. Employee numbers may be sustained for a while, but their work will not get done. There would be a wonderful flowering of ideas on how silently to monkeywrench one's own Department.

(e) Counterfeit the freedom schools. This will need great care, but it might be done so as to distribute CDs that look just like the genuine article, but at critical points in the course lead the student off into a "safe" place--with arguments in favor, for example, of a government "limited" by a constitution or other piece of paper. These would then replicate, and a segment of the re-educated population would have been deceptively mis-re-educated. It would do damage, but not enough; freedom-seekers will talk to each other, in the burgeoning, free market, and when that fraud is discovered, the news of it will spread fast and the counterfeits will be identified and neutered.

(f) Close critically important government offices first, so as to deflect public outrage against the rebels instead of government. This was the trick they pulled when the alleged "Republican Revolution" allegedly closed down the FedGov in 1995; they shut the doors of the Passport Office, and provoked a backlash. This time, however, even though done on a much larger scale, I reckon the backlash will swing the opposite way, because a significant minority of the population will in the 2020s understand the real nature of government and will not be slow to point it out. I reckon even government people are bright enough to see, for example, that any withholding of welfare checks would provoke riots in the streets; it would accelerate public disgust with the parasites and, again, prove highly counterproductive.

(g) Run a massive sweep operation under (b) above, raiding homes without warrants and arresting all found in possession of a copy of the school(s), imprisoning them without trial under some draconian "emergency" order, until the prisons overflow--and then creating concentration camps on the Himmler model. This could bring some temporary discomfort for freedom-seekers, but it will be impossible to imprison enough even to dent the growth in their numbers.

(h) Locate the schools' originators and execute them, pour encourager les autres--perhaps, without the inconvenience of a trial. I'd be disappointed by this one, for I'd really like to live to join the E-Day party, but heck, we all have to die some time and I've already had a great life and the future is a bonus. This will, as above, have zero effect on the growth of the re-educated, freedom-seeking community, for the cat is already out of the bag, deliberately well outside any control by the school's designers--so this would be just a wild and futile act of desperation and vengeance.

The Freedom Revolution will be altogether peaceful, in the sense that no hand will be raised against any parasite, but in another sense there will be violence--used by government, against whom it will. That's awful, but we should reflect: what's different? Is not violence, or the threat of it, being used against every one of us right now, every time any government bureaucrat orders us to do or to abstain from doing something against our sovereign will? The difference will just be one of degree and of duration.

During this five year period at an increasing rate, workers in the government industry will walk off the job and take part in the productive sector or so-called "black market," so building up its strength prior to the happy day when it will serve every need of members of society without even attempted restriction. One government function after another, at Federal, State and local level, will slow down to the stalling point, then vanish altogether, with remaining managers scrambling to reallocate those still in place so as to keep open those functions without which government would lose all credibility and support--even from people not yet re-educated; and every attempt at suppression will confirm every syllable of what the freedom school(s) are teaching about the nature of government. The momentum, having grown slowly but steadily for a decade and a half, will be immense, irresistible.

Perhaps there are some other savage, repressive acts the dying government industry might take--again, please let me know of any that occur to you. But in considering those here, I'm left with no doubt at all: on the three simple assumptions above, its goose is already cooked. The inevitable is in train. The avalanche has started to slip, and no force known to man can stop it.

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Jim Davies is a retired businessman in New Hampshire who led the development of an on-line school of liberty in 2006, and who wrote A Vision of Liberty" , "Transition to Liberty" and, in 2010, "Denial of Liberty" and "To FREEDOM from Fascism, America!" He started The Zero Government Blog in the same year.
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In 2013 he wrote his fifth book, a concise and rational introduction to the Christian religion called "Which Church (if any)?" and in 2016, an unraveling of the great paradox of "income tax law" with "How Government Silenced Irwin Schiff."