A Survival Situation


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November 20, 2007

People of our stripe, the libertarians and the anarchists, need to face reality: we are now in a survival situation. Just as surely as if an asteroid strike or pandemic were destroying civilization, government is doing so today. The authoritarians' gloves are off; why are you still wearing yours? Survival strategies need to be learned and implemented now while you still have a choice.

In a survival situation, mental attitude is the most important "tool" in your kit. Accept the situation and use it. Let the challenge energize you. There is no need to be gloomy, but don't gloss over reality, either.

The reality is that the US government has already declared war against America . It was not your doing, but now you must adapt to the new reality. In order to ensure our survival, there needs to be as many different strategies for dealing with this as there are people, and each of us should employ more than one tactic.

If you work for the government in any capacity, you should consider monkey-wrenching or changing jobs. Expose crimes by government in nice embarrassing and anonymous ways. Government employees walking away in droves would be the best thing possible for liberty. The Beast can't survive if it is emptied of its meat. Above all, do no harm. Don't rationalize enforcing rules that are counter to liberty. Don't be an apologist for tyranny, even if the target is a deserving jerk. The laws will be used against you after the jerks are weeded out.

Some still feel voting is useful. As long as you are voting for Libertarians or libertarians, go for it. Don't fool yourself into thinking that a vote for any of the "Demopublicans" is anything other than a vote for tyranny. You may also let it be known, loudly and publicly, that you won't "go along with" any election results you disagree with. "How can you say that?" you may ask. "With a fully aware mind," I answer. That declaration undermines their system, and therefore amuses me. Besides, the government has been using that tactic for decades. If it is good enough for their side . . . .

"Fear the man with one gun who knows how to use it." Beyond public actions, you should take steps in your home and private life. Bug-out bags should be packed and maintained, and hunker-down kits (survival supplies for home) should be assembled. Firearms and alternative weapons should be obtained and learned. Alternative money and trade goods (gold, silver, ammunition, canned foods, toilet paper) should be used whenever possible, and US government FRN "dollars" should be shunned except when absolutely necessary because they are nothing but government IOUs. Trade them for things of enduring value while you are still able.

Above all, a survival mindset needs to be encouraged. Remember that the government in all its manifestations is your mortal enemy. Be optimistic, but be aware. Some people think that staying alert all the time is too hard. To them "liberty" means being able to shuffle through life half asleep. That is not liberty, or even living. Alertness is liberating. It enables an appreciation of the world around you. An appreciation that you can't experience if you are not paying attention.

Look upon this as an opportunity; an adventure. Assume you are being observed, but don't fear the watchers. Learn to be sneaky. Leave false trails. Make survival into a game and play to win. Don't help the enemy. Learn skills that you might need in the future, or that you can trade with others for things you can not provide for yourself. Take control of your habits and addictions. Don't be ruled by them. Don't allow them to be used to manipulate you. Adjust your comfort level and your expectations. You may wish for a nice four bedroom house, but may need to accept a marginal three bedroom trailer. You may dream of a steak dinner, but may actually have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You may like to keep your house temperature at 750 in the winter, but only be able to afford 650. Be glad you are not in a dank hollow under a rock overhang, sleeping on pine boughs, and dining on spruce tea. Unless you are in that situation, in which case you should be glad you are not in a concentration camp run by a governmental, or quasi-governmental, agency. In a survival situation, "wants" and "needs" can become much clearer. Even this can be liberating.

Don't shun making friends in the freedom movement. Yes, there is always a chance that government spies could try to direct you to violate the ZAP (the Zero Aggression Principle) or your own code of ethics. Be firm. Resist the provocateurs. Be an "outlaw"; never a "criminal." Let them keep their monopoly on that particular career path. Do not initiate force or fraud. That way you will remain the "good one" and others will rise to your defense if and when you need them. Even if you find yourself facing the wolves alone, you will have a clear conscience. You can always blame me.

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