Why Voting Doesn't Matter

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December 28, 2007

The powers that be that run and benefit from this hypocritical and corrupt government can be seen as the shepherds, and the masses of people can be seen as the sheep. And as the French writer Marie-Henri Beyle wrote, 'The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interest and his own are the same.' Of course, the shepherd really only wants to take the fleece off their backs and eventually kill them.

One scam the government and its benefactors use to shepherd the sheeple to destruction is to get them to believe that voting matters. Of course, thinking people know it does not matter, but unfortunately the vast majority of people have been programmed by government and religion not to think independently and in most cases not to think at all. This creates the perfect voter!

To my memory, this is the first time we've been in continuous non-stop election mode for two straight years. From the time campaigns of the last congressional elections ran into the current disgusting and revolting presidential campaigns we're currently being inundated with, there has been absolutely no let up in the media brain polluting campaign to let us all know how American and important this elephant and donkey show is!

It's unfortunate, but many sincere people seem to believe that there is a chance for positive change through these election shows. Nothing could be further from the truth! A key reason why real change is absolutely impossible through elections and voting is because the powers that be have this game all sown up. They're not about to take a chance of losing their power and control over the sheeple by being voted out!

One way they make sure that one of their two politicians win in the election is by manipulating the media. Most people make their decisions based on what they know. The overwhelming majority of what they 'know' is filtered through the mass media. If a politician with ideas not approved of by the powers that be tries to get his or her message out, the system doesn't confront them head on in an honest debate. Instead, the system silences them for all practical purposes. A great example of this technique is how it was recently applied to Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich wants the US out of Iraq and doesn't agree with the US policy of unbalanced blind support of Israel. At the Democratic televised debate in Iowa, guess who wasn't included? That's right, Dennis Kucinich! Gore Vidal believes this is due to Wolf 'AIPAC' Blitzer, CNN's top anchor. Blitzer, however, is just a cog in the machine, doing his duty for the kosher system.

When the majority of the sheeple were duped once again to believe that their vote matters, in the last congressional election, they voted in many Democrats to replace those right-wing Republicans. The voters were so high on the system-designed fumes of democracy, they actually believed there is a meaningful difference between Democrats and Republicans! LOL! They thought the newly elected Democrats, now being the majority party, would bring an end to the senseless and unnecessary war in Iraq! Of course, that never happened. And it won't happen, either.

One thing both parties have in common is being 100 percent void of any real ideals or principles. Whoever offers the politicians of either party the most money and power, owns the political whores. People who wonder why the majority Democrats haven't done what they promised the sheeple they would do, namely end the war in Iraq, only need to look at who paid the Democratic whores the most. It was the Israel lobby! Democrats were even paid more by the Israeli lobby than the Republicans!

When Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic Party attacked one of their own (Howard Dean) for saying the US should have a BALANCED Middle East policy, it was very obvious who owned the Democratic Party. It's the same ones who own the Republican Party--Israel through its lobby! You know you have real power when you get people to attack one of their own for wanting something important to have balance! They should make up bumper stickers that read 'NO BALANCE IN MIDDLE EAST!'!

To further demonstrate that voting doesn't matter and that the government really doesn't want anything close to a real democracy, all we have to do is look at the Palestinians. Bush pushed for the Palestinian elections, and it was closely monitored by international agencies. Hamas was the overwhelming choice of the people! What did the US, Israel, and the rest of the 'free'world do? They did everything in their power short of an all out invasion to smash the will of the Palestinian people! In the recent song and dance known as Annapolis, which is supposed to be a peace conference for the Middle East, the US and Israel completely ignored Hamas and the vast majority of Palestinians who voted for them! What a hypocritical scam!

Israel and its US politicians will never voluntarily give up power. And they won't give up their neoconservative plan to have a Greater Israel. Israel wants Iran and Syria weakened to the low point that Iraq has been weakened by the US invasion. Everything seemed on track for the US to play the fool for Israel again, this time against Iran. However, the NIE report that said Iran stopped its program to build nuclear weapons back in 2003 derailed that war. But Israel and its political whores haven't given up on the Iranian war. Already, US officials have flown to Israel to discuss the situation. I'm sure the Mossad and the Israeli leaders aren't jumping for joy that war with Iran has been averted! It's in Israel's interest to weaken Iran, and they will get the US politicians to do just that no matter how many Americans die doing it. They have the money and the media to carry their destructive plans through, as we saw with the Iraq war.

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