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To start off, I must express my gratitude towards all those who have contributed to or assisted in maintaining Strike The Root.  Their efforts have made STR one of the best, if not the best anarcho-capitalist/libertarian site on the Internet.  STR allows people with just a basic understanding of politics and libertarianism to expand their scope of knowledge with original articles, blog entries, discussions in the forum, and links with comments at times, not just for use in silly debates with morons, but to allow one's self to have a greater appreciation for the simple idea that people should have liberty.

In my opinion, I think that this site will experience, if it hasn't already, a gradual increase in readers due to newbie-libertarian types (such as those attracted to libertarianism by the Ron Paul campaign) seeking to expand their knowledge of libertarianism.  Whether a certain number of people are attracted to the market anarchism form of libertarianism is somewhat difficult to predict, although at least a few are almost certain to convert.

I have been reading STR for a little more than half of its existence (over three years). I have enjoyed reading many well-written articles on the site, as well as the interesting links.  It has been a pleasure to go to the site and be able to read articles that have been picked specifically for their interesting qualities and relation to the interests of STR's readers.  This is much more convenient than having to go to a general news site and search for articles that are of interest to me and having to wade through the plain, not-even-sensational-anymore-to-a-semi-foolish-person "somebody shot somebody" stories.

Without the contributions that many have made to STR, it would not exist as it does now, which is why I made the decision to express my gratitude.  I encourage others to do the same--express your gratitude towards those who you have consciously or subconsciously appreciated, but have yet to think of thanking. For me, I have enjoyed the site for so long that I think I should at least communicate my gratitude.

Thank you, thank all of you, for making Strike The Root as great as it is.

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