Dear Microsoft


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March 22, 2007

Dear Microsoft,

Having just purchased a new Dell computer this past Christmas, I was thrilled to also be able to purchase the Vista upgrade for the discounted price of $10 (with purchase of my machine). Furthermore, I was thrilled to finally see the Vista Upgrade arrive, and was anxious to install and use the 'newest and best' operating system from Microsoft. The first months of my new computer was dominated with Windows XP, which I am thoroughly familiar with, and I was enjoying my hardware immensely. I installed the Vista upgrade, and unlike so many I had read about online, I didn't really have too many problems with the installation. It went rather smoothly, like I thought it should. All seemed to be well . . . .

That is, I didn't have any problems until I began trying to use my new Vista OS. Now understand, I really enjoyed the beauty and design of the new desktop look and feel. Quite stunning in its eye catching beauty. Vista is almost totally unusable for any application, so I have to ask . . . just who designed this operating system, lawyers or software engineers (with lawyers standing over their shoulder and peeing in their coffee)?

I spent quite a large chunk of change to get the exact hardware I wanted. I even researched what was available, and what upgrades existed that would allow me to do what I wanted to do, and I expected fully for the hardware to work as designed. It does with a less restrictive system, such as the now fated to die XP, but not with Vista . Your software, much to my surprise, anticipates my hardware capabilities, and removes basic functionality to the desires of my will, and replaces what control I had of my own machine, with corporate law-written garbage code. It then stifles any attempt to subvert the system and 'make it do what I want it to do' by refusing ASPI layers, killing DAV, and many other subversive and hidden little 'tricks.' How quaint.

I have reformatted and reinstalled XP. I won't return to Vista . I like my freedom, even if it is freedom to do what you don't want me doing. Who cares what you want for me? I certainly don't care what you want for me, unless you want to refund my $10 for your garbage code-writing skills. I am happy I didn't pay full purchase price, like so many fools may (until they read my article here). Since when did private matters in my personal dwelling turn you into the code writing police? Don't you care about your customers' rights? Oh, that's right, you DON'T. I forgot how in your world, users don't have rights that aren't explicitly granted. Well, screw you.

Please take Microsoft Vista, and shove it up your collective asses. I hope you choke on it like I am choking on your freedom-limiting and stifled code. As for me, when you stop supporting XP, at that time I will go Linux or any other free, open source software that will allow me to do with my machine WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY MACHINE without your Orwellian code. I have reverted back to XP, will never upgrade until DRM and other such garbage is totally eliminated from the code, or until such time as hacks finally defeat your code, and I can get my hands on the hacked code. Even hacked code is better than yours, and that says volumes.

Bill Gates, et al, why don't you go blow the RIAA ' all of them.

One completely disgusted ex-Microsoft fan. I knew I should've gotten a Mac. Perhaps Ubuntu . . . ..

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Barry Tudor was born in Arkansas in 1960.  He has travelled the entire U.S. from coast to coast.  He's a motorcycle rider, father of three, husband to one, and hater of those who would remove any more of his liberties for the sake of safety, or any other damned reason!