65 Years. 240,000 Souls.


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Not only does it make me ask, "Why is this man's visage on the goddamned dime?", but it also makes me ask, "Why did it not bother me for so many years that this man's visage is on the goddamned dime?"

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Truman is not on the dime. FDR is on the dime. I know that you probably realized this after making the post. In either case, both did a good job on doing their part to both start and end the involvment of America in World War II. Of course by 'good job' I speak sarcastically. Was American involvment in this war inevitable? I think it's a safe bet to say yes but on the same token (or in this case dime) we metaphorically started the war by jumping out of a moving plane without a parachute and ended it by cutting off a head to cure a headache.

Some people think this type of weapon could still be of use. It makes me sick to think that people are still having babies in this world on the brink of destruction. After our use of these WMDs, the US and the USSR got into a multi megaton pissing contest for nearly 45 years. People thought that after the Iron Curtain fell, we would not have to worry about that threat. Personally, I have a problem with that kind of laxity considering the amount of deadly technology combined with the numerous untrustworthy governments in the, uh, civilized world.

I finally got around to reading Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' and albeit a very hideous distopian vision, it is far from being a totally impossible vision of the future. Everybody hug your kids tonight!

And peace be with you, Mr. Merrick. Only time will tell if people are willing to open their own eyes.

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"I know that you probably realized this after making the post." No, I did not. Thank you for correcting me. I feel like an ass, but it's a good feeling, trust me.