The Greatest Enemy of the State in 2006

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December 31, 2006

As the year comes to an end, many people and publications are making lists of whatever was best and worst in their respective fields. Time magazine even declared 'You' as the Person of the Year, which is awfully nice of them, but I think there is a specific person who would clearly qualify as my 'Person of the Year.' He would probably even be my 'Person of the Decade' due to his tireless efforts to expose the true nature of the State to a spellbound world. Who is this paragon of liberty? Who is this person who has done more than any of us to illuminate the evils of the State? I'll list my reasons for choosing this person as the 'Enemy of the State.'

He has proven that the State can't protect its citizens from very unnatural disasters.

He has proven that the State can't protect its citizens from natural disasters, either.

He has demonstrated that war is just financially ruinous slaughter that only benefits the State.

He is proving that the massive armies of the State are incapable of defeating guerrillas, and may even be destroyed by them.

He has shown the utter contempt the State has for the laws that are supposed to protect us from abuse.

He has shown the eagerness of the State to resort to torture, even of its own citizens.

He has done tremendous work to damage the faith of the masses in the sacred hoax of voting.

He has made a mockery of the belief that a group of Ivy League elites is mentally, or morally, fit to make every decision for us.

He has made it nearly impossible to ignore the lack of any discernable difference between the only people allowed to rule us.

He has frequently, possibly even daily, exposed the leaders of the mightiest State around as belligerent and corrupt imbeciles.

I think that's enough accomplishments to prove that the winner has been a tremendous 'Enemy of the State.' Now I'll finally reveal his identity.

As some of you might've guessed, the person responsible for all those things is George W. Bush himself. I never promised that you'd like the winner, or that he was even aware that his actions have done more than anyone to damage the legitimacy of the State. However, I believe there isn't a more appropriate recipient for this award.

While our lives would certainly be easier if we were ruled by an enlightened, charismatic, and humble person, it would also be much harder to convince others that the State is their enemy. So consider it a perverse blessing that we are all menaced by a bigoted cretin with delusions of messianic grandeur. For as long as he is our overseer, we can use his inadvertent examples to effectively challenge the very existence of the State: every argument for the State continuing to coerce and control people, is an argument for George W. Bush continuing to coerce and control people. And it's very hard to argue that anyone would benefit if their economic and social choices were dependent on the whims of an abject moron!

So with the help of the unwitting anarchist, George W. Bush, the New Year will certainly bring us more splendid examples of why liberty and the State are mutually exclusive.

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