Darwin Reconsidered

Charles Darwin published Origin of the Species in 1859, after 30 years of fearing to do so. He was afraid of offending his deeply religious wife and the backlash of entrenched religious and secular powers, whose 'truths' and basis of power were challenged and perhaps refuted by Darwin 's work. Even today, nearly 150 years later, entrenched intellectual interests find it necessary to denounce Darwin and evolution, despite wide acceptance and very successful applied usage of evolutionary principles in life sciences fields, such as microbiology.

Clearly, 150 years later, entrenched interests who influence our lives and affairs still consider evolution a threat, by the fact they choose to spend significant effort opposing acceptance of evolutionary principles as scientific fact. For those of us who wish to be free of external influences, it is very pertinent to ask the questions, 'Why are those who attempt to control us so afraid of evolution?' and 'Is this a clue, pointing a path to increased freedom?'

1.1.What Darwin Actually Wrote

The following sections are a few brief excerpts from Origin of the Species, First Edition, published by Project Gutenberg (EBOOK #1228), freely available on the Internet.

These excerpts are sufficient to get the general idea of evolution, but are no substitute for reading the entire work.

Struggle for Existence (Chapter 3)

We have seen that man by selection can certainly produce great results, and can adapt organic beings to his own uses, through the accumulation of slight but useful variations, given to him by the hand of Nature. But Natural Selection, as we shall hereafter see, is a power incessantly ready for action, and is as immeasurably superior to man's feeble efforts, as the works of Nature are to those of Art.

Natural Selection (Chapter 4)

It may be said that natural selection is daily and hourly scrutinizing, throughout the world, every variation, even the slightest; rejecting that which is bad, preserving and adding up all that is good; silently and insensibly working, whenever and wherever opportunity offers, at the improvement of each organic being in relation to its organic and inorganic conditions of life. We see nothing of these slow changes in progress, until the hand of time has marked the long lapse of ages, and then so imperfect is our view into long past geological ages, that we only see that the forms of life are now different from what they formerly were.

'Natural selection will modify the structure of the young in relation to the parent, and of the parent in relation to the young. In social animals it will adapt the structure of each individual for the benefit of the community; if each in consequence profits by the selected change. What natural selection cannot do, is to modify the structure of one species, without giving it any advantage, for the good of another species; and though statements to this effect may be found in works of natural history, I cannot find one case which will bear investigation.'

Divergence of Character (Chapter 4)

Therefore during the modification of the descendants of any one species, and during the incessant struggle of all species to increase in numbers, the more diversified these descendants become, the better will be their chance of succeeding in the battle of life.

2. Attacks on Evolution

As a percentage of humanity, truth seekers, those who seek knowledge that is provable to basic principles, are few and far between. Further, most people choose to spend their time on less intellectual pursuits and therefore choose what they want to believe, with a far lower or no burden of proof. This makes them prey to those who tell them what they want to hear. As a consequence, truth is not very influential in the affairs of man, except in science which requires truth to create the technology we depend on, since the laws of nature do not allow products (including civilizations) based on falsity to function for very long or at all.

Therefore, if you want to prevent people from accepting the truth of something such as evolution, you must attack it from the various perspectives of the dominant belief constituencies.

2.1. Achieving Religious Rejection of Evolution

To target religious viewpoints, evolution is claimed to mean that that man is descended from apes. This misrepresentation of Darwin 's work is deeply offensive to some, especially those who take the Bible literally since it says that man was created in God's image. Further, the mere concept of change in man is rejected by the orthodox, since man has always been and always will be perfect and any change must by definition lead to imperfection. Evolution is thus seen as blasphemy and heresy for the simple reason that evolution is misrepresented, stating God is actually an ape and mankind, having evolved from apes is far less than perfect, compared to the perfection of our ape God. For this reason, it is highly unlikely that orthodox religious people will bother to consider (and thus reject) Darwin and Evolution, since, by their beliefs, it is false and a temptation to heresy. This is a false refutation for the simple reason that apes are far from being the beginning of the evolutionary chain, which theoretically (and un-provable without time travel) begins at a primordial chemical soup or slime. The statement that God is slime is also highly offensive to religious viewpoints, but lacks the emotional derision of religious beliefs achievable by using apes in the refutation.

2.2. Achieving Secular Rejection of Evolution

For secular thinkers, evolution is claimed to mean 'survival of the fittest,' which is claimed to mean 'survival of the strongest' implying 'might is right.' This is deeply offensive to moral thinkers who correctly believe 'might is wrong' and everyone should have a chance to survive, without being preyed upon by bullies wielding force. Thinkers looking for objective proof of this belief are led to believe that evolution is a false conclusion and thus a waste of time to consider.

'Might is Right' is easily refuted, without using evolution. The point is conceded that disputes can be easily and quickly resolved by a sufficient amount of force and killing. If the solution is fair, meaning that neither side has an advantage over the other, this can be a stable solution, since balance of power is maintained. However, disputes are rarely forcefully resolved without a disadvantage to the losing side. The resentment and survival loss of this disadvantage will fester and breed malcontents, requiring an ongoing application of suppressive force, a cost to both winner and loser. When the stabilizing force is removed, the conflict flares anew. Thus, force can only suppress and not solve problems. Might is therefore wrong.

2.3. Self-Interest versus Selfishness

Darwin went to great lengths to define the crucial concept of Self-Interest as more often than not requiring consideration of the well-being of others in socially cooperating and mutually dependent species such as man. Despite this, another very strong criticism of evolution is the (false) contention that evolution claims life is selfish and has zero concern for other individuals. Since it is a fact that moral man has a very strong concern for the well-being of others, including lesser creatures, those who believe this false criticism of evolution are convinced it is a waste of time to consider.

3. True Meaning of Evolution

A close reading of Origin of the Species results in the conclusion that what Darwin really claimed to prove was:

  • ' Life is a very competitive place, with winners and losers.
  • ' The winners are the fittest.
  • ' The fittest are those most able to adapt to environmental conditions.
  • ' Adapting to environmental conditions means the most efficient usage of environmental opportunities to meet the needs of life. In the abstract, this resolves to the most efficient usage of resources, time and energy in an ecological niche.
  • ' Adapting to fill an ecological niche is achieved by genetic drift. Those better adapted survive, those who do not adapt perish in the long run.
  • ' The availability of ecological niches and changing environments creates diversity or differentiation between life forms.
  • ' Animals and lower life forms adapt by changing their genetic nature, with the unfit becoming extinct over time, being displaced by those better adapted to environment. When the environment dramatically changes such as global temperature, meteorite strikes or volcanoes, mass extinctions (failure to adapt) happen.

Close consideration of Darwin 's claims results in further conclusions:

  • ' Intelligent life has the ability to discover knowledge relating action to consequence, allowing prediction of the effects of choice before an action is performed. Man is therefore able to understand his environment, create artificial environments and change his very nature on a minute by minute basis, by the choices he makes. Intelligent choice is mankind's method of adapting to environment. Mankind has the ability to control his own intellectual evolution and nature. Mankind is a highly adaptable survivor, whose survival depends on making proper choices. Survival for man equals correct choice.
  • ' Socially organizing species can only do so based on cooperation, where the self interest of each member is enhanced by doing so. For mankind, this means mutually agreed trade.

4. Why Evolution is a Threat to the Powers that Be

Evolution is survival threatening to the Powers that Be (PTB's) for the simple reason that it is a general proof that civilizations held together by force and compulsion are doomed to fail because they suppress intelligent choice for citizens. Choice is the survival mechanism of intelligent creatures, such as mankind. Evolution proves that the survival methods (restricting choice) used by the PTB's are a threat to civilization in general. Citizens must be prevented from realizing the importance of freedom and choice, otherwise they will demand to wield their own power. People will seize their own destiny and tolerate no restrictions on their freedoms, under any pretext.

Evolution proves for intelligence that survival equals adaptation to environment equals ability to choose equals freedom. Compulsion and interfering with free choice is a setback in survival for the victim. When all people are considered, suppression of freedom is a crime against humanity, genocide for a civilization.

Further, it is a natural right (laws of reality) to be free. We can do (choose) whatever we want to do. The only choice of others is the choice they make in response. We can be punished for our choices, but no one can prevent them unless we are incarcerated, mis-educated or crippled by fear of consequences.

5. Methods of Controlling Choice

Choice may also be restricted by controlling environment. Note that our environment is what we perceive and believe is true. The PTB's control education and media to exchange lies and misdirection for truth. Adaptation is choice; law and government prohibit and compel choice. Intelligence is the ability to discern the relationship between action and consequence (rules). Natural law imposes an absolute, no exceptions (fair) set of rules. Man's law imposes another set of rules, which often favor some and discourage others, with a bias towards the survival of those who control and are favored by the law.

Those who claim influence over our lives and property use many rationalizations or pretexts, which they propagandize via subverted education and media they insist we believe. Example lies are that they are morally superior, experts, acting in our best interests, helping the unfortunate, anarchy is the only other option, etc. All of these rationalizations resolve to them claiming some aspect of the 'common good' requiring us to obey their rules which are prohibitions or compulsions on our choices. Should we not comply, we are met with escalating impoverishment, incarceration or death.

A basic historical fact is that none of the promises of forceful rulers have ever come to pass and every past civilization based on compulsion and hierarchical organization of masters and slaves has imploded and failed. This has happened most recently in the former USSR , and currently Western civilization is undergoing the same process. This is for the simple reason that our civilization was once based on pro-survival values, freedom and voluntary cooperation between equals. These values have now been subverted. Now, some are more equal than others and most are bound under various compulsions or fears. The basis of operation of civilization has been subverted, thus civilization can no longer exist, by the laws of nature, human nature included.

6. Classes and Consequences of Choice

Choice is made in pursuit of a goal or transaction, which may be anything including money, sex or survival needs. In the pursuit of any goal or transaction with other people, there are only three classes of choice: Force, Fraud and Honest, Mutually Agreed Trade.

Using force to achieve a goal will cause a defensive reaction if the victim is able. This is because his survival (highest goal) has been negatively affected by a loss of property. If the victim is not able to retaliate, he can form a group to retaliate. If the forceful consequences of retaliating are too great, this means the forceful aggressor must maintain a force able to rebuff his victims. Thus forceful methods of goal seeking carry a high cost for both the victim and aggressor. Forceful methods of goal seeking creates social conflict, costing more force to suppress. It is not in the survival interests of the aggressor to use force unless someone else can be tricked into paying for the force required to protect from his victims, such as taxpayers paying for a 'defensive' military and police state.

Using fraud to achieve a goal will have the same effect as above, once the victim realizes that the consequences of trade has been misrepresented. Fraud is a form of aggression, creating defensive conflict requiring force to suppress the victim's just retaliation.

Honest, mutually agreed trade can stand the test of time, leading to stable relationships. Both parties are satisfied that they made a free choice and perceived value (enhancement of quality of life, greater survival) has been achieved. They may continue to trade and learn that mutual survival is in their common interest. Further, co-operation allows them to undertake larger goals using division of labor. This leads to a definition of civilization: The rules by which we cooperate for mutual self-interest.

In conclusion, when considering the survival interests of both aggressors and victims, use of force and fraud to achieve goals carries a very high cost in terms of the conflict (waste of time and energy = life) created by predators on mankind. Left alone, free to make un-coerced choices, rational man must conclude honest, mutually agreed trade is the only viable social organization for mankind.

Controlling the creators of conflict may be the most pressing issue for mankind, as we hurtle to another world war, inevitably using nuclear weapons, over diminishing resources.

7. The PTB's Understand and Use Evolution

Mankind may be divided into two groups, those who believe that preying on their fellows has no factual nor survival advantage and predators who consider their fellows as prey. Alternatively, those who survive by honest trade versus those who survive by forceful and fraudulent methods of goal seeking.

History is best viewed as a series of pretexts of why we must be slaves. ALL pretexts have been and are rapidly being refuted. It is again coming down to 'might is right,' which all of history refutes. The Holy Grail for tyrants has always been some accepted rationalization of why we must be forcefully organized in a hierarchy of masters and slaves, as opposed to a cooperative trade federation of autonomous individuals and groups, freely associating and peacefully pursuing our own goals. Reasons for supporting the PTB's:

  • ' Human sacrifice (of enemies, dissidents and maidens) to appease Gods of Nature
  • ' GOD says clergy are masters
  • ' Divine rights of kings
  • ' Freedom and 'rule of law,' Renaissance values, prosperity, justice
  • ' Should help the 'unfortunate,' requires destroying personal responsibility values, Impoverishment
  • ' Cold War, fighting evil empires (Military Industrial Complex (MIC) needs enemies to rationalize its existence and cost). Socialism refuted, implodes civilizations by destroying rewards of and reason for productivity, suppressing pro-survival choice.
  • ' War on Drugs (Recall MIC failed to add value as part of eating the 'peace dividend' post Soviet implosion)
  • ' War on Terrorism (MIC got it right, for now, until US economically/politically implodes, no matter, profit achieved for choosers)
  • ' What Next? Oops, we made a mistake and now, you must be further enslaved to pay for it.

All of the above are really the machinations of dominant groups throughout history suppressing freedom and economically enslaving people to those undertaking these dubious social goals. Those who profit by control experience a loss when free choice is exercised.

8. Conclusion

Note that your life equals time and energy. You must exchange life for money and property, even if you are a criminal. Therefore money and property equals life. Theft of your property is appropriation of whatever portion of YOUR life it took to acquire it. A 50% tax rate makes you a half slave. Note that no property rights allows seizure to be threatened, subjecting you to compulsion, making you a full slave at the whim of those who control the apparatus of state, at any time they choose, for whatever purpose they choose.

Mankind is in a contradictory position, subject to natural law which dictates one set of survival choices and man's law which dictates another set of choices favoring the PTB's survival under penalty of a reduction in survival for you should you disobey.

For this reason, mankind is in a state of cognitive dissonance, collectively insane by having to choose on every issue between the survival considerations dictated by the laws of nature or a reduction in survival at the hands of arbitrary authority who forcefully insist we follow their discriminatory rules and trade our survival for their survival. This has been going on for a very long time. The consequences of mankind's long term ignoring of sustainable social and environmental issues is becoming immediate. For the short term, the PTB's can choose, adapt and survive, we cannot. Since they are parasites, when we cannot survive, neither can they.

Now you know. Darwin was a heretic, by the perspective of those who choose to enslave mankind. As for the rest of us, we should wake up and pay attention. Every single law, restriction or compulsion imposed by government is a direct assault on our ability to choose, which is our ability to adapt and survive. Every tax makes us weaker and them stronger. Allowing our 'public servants' to control our choice is a very bad, perhaps fatal idea. We pay them to act in our interests, not to be our masters. We choose, they obey or are out of a job. That's life. Darwin can be our savior, should enough heed his truth.

We need liberty to adapt, survive and, if we are fit enough, perhaps thrive.

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