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My encounter with STR happened like this. On a beautiful September morning, I had just come into work feeling a little down since the weather was beautiful to be outside. While I logged into my computer, one of the employees came through the aisle to ask me if I heard that a plane hit the World Trade Center . I love to surf the Internet, so I began to go through the news sites and found out that it was true. So while I was watching the live news feed, thoughts began to go through my mind. Deep inside I knew this was a day that was going to come sooner or later. Being an avid fan of history, this was payment for all the bad things our government has done in other places of the world. I also knew that after it is said and done, the politicians were going to use this as an excuse to put fear in Americans. After this event, although tragic, it has opened my eyes on the way I see the world. The conversation of the day was about the event, so I stood quietly listening and just as I suspected, people only knew one side of the story, and that side is the one the government told. So I kept my comments to myself and decided to go elsewhere.

Being an Internet buff, I logged on one late night and Googled a few news sites and I came across STR . The funny thing is it was the name of the website that sparked my curiosity. Once I went to your webpage and saw the articles, I began to read them and was impressed by the level of writing. The more I read, the more I saw the many views I had and still have in these articles. It has been a few years and I can say that I don't look at politics the same way as I did before. Reading STR daily has made me do a complete 180 and now I'm always very wary about politics and people of authority. I have taken some of these ideas that I have read and passed them along to people. Some take the information with interest while others think I'm a terrorist (laughing). Even my wife has gotten a healthy dose of the ideas I got from the articles in STR . Now we both go forth and spread the ideas as much as possible.

STR has been and still is my favorite site on the Internet. Again, it is all the articles that I find on this site every day that makes it my favorite site to visit. The no holds barred writing that would make any CNN journalist cringe--that's the type of writing I find here that makes me come back for more and more. It is a great relief to me when I can understand both sides of the story and not just the side the government wants you to know about.

What's unique about STR is the way the website is done with the black background and a picture of Henry Thoreau and the excerpts from his writings, which do make me think. But again, the main thing that makes this website unique is the way the articles are written. I give lots of props to the people who take the time to write the articles on this website and also you STR guys who take the time out of your busy day to put up these fantastic articles on the website, I too give you many props and I do hope that it doesn't change.

STR has been very effective in advancing the cause of liberty by looking for information and articles that most regular people don't see in the network news or the newspapers. STR shows people that you can't judge a book by its cover, and it gets to the bottom of what is really going on here and abroad. Just being on the Internet spreading the ideas of liberty is great because millions of people will read and keep these ideas and maybe even spread these ideas even more. I believe that STR tries to show both sides of every event going on in the world and tries to spread the truth even if it hurts to make people see that things aren't as rosy as we think they are.

I think legacy is too rough of a word to use for STR . The word 'legacy' is used for people or things that have passed away. I like to think that STR will live forever in my mind and that it will be there every day with new articles for me to broaden my mind. When it comes that STR is no more, it will be greatly missed.

I would like to say to you guys to keep doing the fantastic job you're doing at STR . Keep those articles coming along and let's help put the ideas of real liberty out there to the masses. Let's tell them that real liberty is not the crap they want to make you believe on TV. Stop watching those reality shows and let's keep liberty moving!!!

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