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Images of piles of dead bodies, stories of Nazis gassing millions of Jews and then using some of their corpses to make soap (this claim has since been retracted but not until solemn and emotional funeral ceremonies were conducted for bars of soap), movies depicting the Jews being brutalized under the power of Nazi Germany have all served to indelibly ingrain the official account of the Holocaust on the minds of the sheeple. In fact, most Americans can tell you the magic number of Jews who were allegedly killed in the Holocaust (6,000,000) but they can't tell you how many Americans died in WWII (407,300). This demonstrates the power and bias of the media and the power of the idea of the Holocaust. Anyone who openly questions the official story of the Holocaust is attacked as anti-Semitic and sometimes they're attacked physically. In much of Europe it is prison for anyone who dares to question the Holocaust! Currently the historian and author David Irving, the historian who debunked the Hitler Diaries, is serving three years in an Austrian prison for raising questions about the Holocaust. Shortly after being arrested, he pulled a Galileo and told the court he changed his mind, the Nazis did gas the Jews. However, the Austrian court was not as lenient as the Inquisition and sentenced him to three years in prison, anyway. What kind of effect does locking people up for their ideas and speech have on the best road to progress, the free exchange of ideas? It was recently reported that Germany is going to release thousands of documents from the National Socialist period that would shed more light on the Holocaust. But what historian is going to look at them objectively knowing that doing so could not only ruin his or her career but would actually land them in prison? It makes me think, first they came for those who questioned the Holocaust, . . . ! Maybe in the near future the government will classify anyone who doesn't support Israel as a terrorist and lock them up. One of the things served by blind acceptance of the Holocaust is the Jewish state of Israel. If they get any serious opposition, they play the Holocaust card and quickly silence their opponents, whether they be politicians, historians or journalists. The effect this has had on the world is devastating. Just look at Palestine and Lebanon! Israel is making full use of the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of tax-dollars worth of American military equipment the politicians and US tax payers have given them! To date, they have killed well over 300 civilians and created over 500,000 refugees! And all the victims who survive know who gave Israel the jets, helicopters and missiles and bombs they're using against them and their families. This, of course, creates more recruits for bin Laden and much more danger for the US. A Common Thread of Uniqueness

The very fact that 'the Holocaust' is meant to mean only the systematic extermination of the Jews demonstrates a quality of uniqueness for the Jews. Of course, the Jews are not the only ones to have suffered a holocaust. For example, the Irish people suffered a holocaust that governments still call the Potato Famine. The Irish died from starvation by the hundreds of thousands not because there was no food for them, but because the controlling British government would not let them eat any other food. And a much larger and more deadly holocaust was suffered by the Russian and Ukrainian peoples because the Communist government of the Soviet Union was so full of rage and hate for the people who refused to give up their land, homes and way of life to satisfy a government dictate. From 1929 to 1933, the Communist government waged a war against the farmers and peasants of Russia, killing millions, and then focused on Ukraine from 1932 to 1933. In all, the number of people killed by the Soviet government was 14.5 million. (For a well documented look at this holocaust, read Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest.) This is more than double the number that is attributed to the Jewish holocaust. Yet, there are no Hollywood blockbusters made about this holocaust. In fact, the Communists were the allies of the US and the UK during WWII. If we hate Nazis because they murdered six million Jews, shouldn't we hate Communists because they murdered more than double that number in Russian and the Ukraine alone? Shouldn't the US and other world governments treat Communist China even worse than it treated National Socialist Germany? After all, Communist China murdered 35,200,000 people. The total number of people murdered in holocausts by Communist governments is 108,700,000! This quality of Jewish uniqueness that is found in the word 'holocaust' has its roots all the way to the beginning of the Jewish race ( the Jews are biologically of the Semitic race, just as the Arabs are) and the origin of its traditions. In the Old Testament that the ancient Jews wrote, they claim God chose them 'above all people on the face of the earth.' Deuteronomy 7:6 This unreasonable, unrealistic and twisted thought can only lead to more violence and war as we are witnessing today in the Middle East. In the outstanding book by Norman G. Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry, the connection between the Jewish state of Israel and the Jewish holocaust is pointed out. Finkelstein writes, 'The claims of Holocaust uniqueness are intellectually barren and morally discreditable, yet they persist. The question is, Why? In the first place, unique suffering confers unique entitlement. The unique evil of the Holocaust, according to Jacob Neusner, not only sets Jews apart from others, but also gives Jews a 'claim upon those others.' For Edward Alexander, the uniqueness of The Holocaust is 'moral capital'; Jews must 'claim sovereignty' over this 'valuable property.'' He goes on to write, 'In effect, Holocaust uniqueness--this 'claim' upon others, this 'moral capital'--serves as Israel's prize alibi. 'The singularity of the Jewish suffering,' historian Peter Baldwin suggests, 'adds to the moral and emotional claims that Israel can make . . . on other nations.'' Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants a world conference to be held to investigate the claims made about the Jewish holocaust. As he said, "Not allowing any research proves that there is a problem and something is fishy." If the Jewish holocaust really did happen the way organized Jewry and world governments insist, then Ahmadinejad's call for Israel to be wiped off the Islamic map and moved to Europe or America makes sense. After all, it was not the Palestinians who gassed the Jews, it was Europeans. And it was not Palestinians who refused to accept a shipload of Jews who left National Socialist Germany in the 1930s, it was America. Why should the Palestinians be forced to give up their homes and land to the Jews because of something they played absolutely no part in? And if the study finds the Jewish holocaust did not happen, then a key reason for the Jewish state of Israel does not exist. Another way Israel profits from the idea of the Jewish holocaust is that the Jewish holocaust gives them an excuse to make and possess real weapons of mass destruction. Israel is the only nation in the Middle East with nuclear bombs and missiles. The only US President who ever opposed Israel becoming armed with atomic bombs was President Kennedy. Every president after him has let Israel do what Israel wants even though they should be beholden to the US for the billions of US tax dollars we give them every year. As Finkelstein wrote in The Holocaust Industry, 'To cite one typical example, every account of Israel's decision to develop nuclear weapons evokes the specter of The Holocaust.' Israel successfully plays the holocaust card for all it's worth. By ignorantly and blindly catering to the interests of Israel, America has put itself in a dangerous situation. It has made Israel's enemies our enemies. It was and is a key factor that has brought about 9/11 and will continue to be a key factor in all future Islamic attacks on America. We must ask ourselves some serious questions if we are to right this dangerous situation. Some of those questions appear in the profound book Imperial Hubris by Michael Scheuer. On page 257 he asks these questions, questions that each one of us needs to honestly ask, 'Does unvarying military, economic, and political support for Israel serve substantive--vice emotional--US interests, those that, by definition, affect America's survival? Do we totally support Israel because it is essential to our security, or because of habit, the prowess of Israel's American lobbyists and spies, the half-true mantra that Israel is a democracy, the fear of having no control over a state we allowed to become armed with WMD, the bewildering pro-Israel alliance of liberal Democrats and Christian fundamentalists, and a misplaced sense of guilt over the Holocaust?'

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