Fight the Illusion--Don't Vote!

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The criminals that take up space in Congress and the White House need people to vote. They need to keep the lie alive! Even though there is no room for real debate and free exchange of ideas in this country, they desperately need to keep the illusion going that they are the representatives of 'the people,' that they are doing 'the people's work.' Of course, in reality they're doing nothing more than promoting their own political careers, which requires they serve powerful special interest groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and giant corporations. This is why approximately 650,000 Iraqi civilians and almost 3,000 US troops have died in Iraq and why even though productivity, executive pay and corporate profits have climbed, real wages for working people have remained flat at best.

I remember back in the mid 1960s when I was a kid about nine years old being at the playground at school. My friends and I were talking about how great America is, that anyone can become the president in a free country like ours. Of course, we were only regurgitating what the public school system was pumping into us. About ten or so years latter, I began to realize what an illusion that was! Unfortunately, too many Americans still believe in the 'every vote counts' government myth.

For a good example of how hollow this governmental promise really is, we just need to look at the campaign of Max Linn. Linn is a former Republican who is now running to be the governor of Florida. He's a millionaire but even he doesn't have the funds to legitimately compete with the Republican and Democratic parties. When the politicians for the two big parties recently had a public debate, Linn wasn't even allowed to take part in it! So much for the idea that's supposed to be the bedrock of democracy, the free exchange of ideas!

People who are aware of this scam need to make others aware of it. We can ask people, for example, why they want to waste their time voting, which only demonstrates their endorsement of politicians giving themselves pay raises, starting unnecessary, costly wars, taking full benefit of war-profiteering that those wars present, ad nauseam! For more thoughtful people, we can ask them why they feel it necessary to give their support to other people to rule over them and theirs. We can get them to actually question the idea of government itself! This seed may one day blossom into an anti-government insurgent!

To correct people who are deceived into believing that by voting they are somehow fulfilling the desires and wishes of America's founders, that it is their patriotic duty to vote, point out to them that America was not intended to be a democracy by bringing Article Four, Section Four of the US Constitution to their attention. To seal the deal, ask them if they think the government we are currently suffering under is truly promoting our 'life, liberty and pursuit of happiness' or if it is actually being destructive of these ends. If they can see that it is destructive of liberty, point out to them that the Founders said in the Declaration of Independence that it is not only our right to overthrow such a government, it is our duty. And that by voting, we're not overthrowing it, we are making it stronger.

Whether we make our point by letting people know America was not intended to be a democracy or not, we can prove to people that whether they support a democracy or a republic, they have neither. The US government is a plutocracy. It is ruled by the rich for the rich, and a working person doesn't have a truth's chance in Congress of making a difference working through the plutocracy. If anyone doubts that America has become a plutocracy, just point out to them that politicians spent $2.2 BILLION in the last midterm election.

Due to the fact that for the first time in recorded history, a powerful nation subordinates its interests to those of a much smaller foreign nation, as America does for Israel, America can be considered a kosher plutocracy. Through its special interest pressure group AIPAC, Israel virtually owns the politicians of both parties. They pump cash into the coffers of both Democrats and Republicans. They control them to the point of not only influencing them to vote yes or no on a particular bill, they even write the bills for them! As Henry Siegman, the former leader of the American Jewish Congress said, 'When it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict, the terms of debate are so influenced by organized Jewish groups, like AIPAC, that to be critical of Israel is to deny oneself the ability to succeed in American politics."

You can ask a potential voter why he or she would vote for a kosher plutocrat that, through their blind and ignorant support of Israel, has brought about 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And ask them why they would want to condone through voting such a corrupt, cowardly and rotted system as this when we have instructions from Thomas Jefferson and the Founders through the Declaration of Independence to overthrow it!

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