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Often, politics, history, and current events join the other fictional writing topics we discuss in an online writing group in which I participate. I enjoy the opportunities to inject a libertarian perspective into conversation that is usually dominated by a leftist perspective. A while ago, I introduced a concept for discussion of a libertarian superhero who founded an island community based on property rights. One sarcastic reply was to ask, 'What does he do ' stand around and (complain) about the government all day while Doctor Doom is running wild?' My fellow group member did mix up what the hero would do with what the state would do, but it did start me thinking of the possible hero versus villain scenarios in various political climates.

Hero in Libertarian Land . The security force of Libertarian Land wouldn't act against the evil Doctor unless he attacked the country first. The security chief who diverted funds to take Doom out preemptively with clandestine special ops would be fired and forced to make restitution of the money he stole from his employers. Libertarian hero, however, could act on his own volition and drag Doom from his underground bunker to face in court those who had credible criminal grievances against him.

Hero in Democracy Land . Some background information would be necessary. For example, did the evil Doctor sign a pact with the democracy to protect a natural gas or oil pipeline? Then he'll have no trouble, even if he's murdering his own citizens (Google UZBEKISTAN MASSACRE). He may even receive cash payments to prop up his government. And libertarian hero better watch his step if he moves against this ally of his political leaders. He might be branded a terrorist, hunted down by his own government, and be held in secret detention without access to his family or lawyer.

Hero in Communist Land . Historically, leaders in these countries seem to spend most of their time looting and murdering their own people while enjoying the material excesses of the uninhibited sociopath. The communist leader would probably be engaged in some kind of weapons deal with Doom ' either buying or selling. Libertarian hero here is too busy fighting tyranny at home to worry about the Doctor.

Hero in Republic Land . Is the republic determined to stay neutral toward the evil Doctor? Maybe Doom banks his money in republic land. Here, I can only speculate on how hard they might clamp down on their homegrown libertarian hero. Just how just is the rule of law in the republic?

Hero in Dictatorship Land . Here, the dictator is probably trying to emulate Doom's example: stealing money, killing enemies, seizing women, etc. Like communist leader, he's probably trading weapons and looted cash with Doom. Here again, libertarian hero would be busy opposing his own tyrannical government.

In conclusion, a libertarian country would employ a defense force that did exactly that ' defend the country. It wouldn't be aggressive to its neighbors, even those neighbors with evil leaders. Any action from such a country would arise from the voluntary activities of its citizens -- be they meek and mild-mannered souls or heroic people ' citizens who would shoulder the full cost and responsibilities of their personal choices.

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