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Mainstream news had always left me feeling unsatisfied. It was like smelling barbeque and being fed a rice cake. I was still hungry. I just knew there was something in the air, but I couldn't sink my teeth into it.

I stopped watching TV news years ago when my first child was old enough to comprehend it. It used to frighten him to see bad things happening in the world. It wasn't that big of a sacrifice for me to give it up. I'd been unsatisfied with it for a long time, but I still needed a push in the right direction.

I kept reading the newspapers for a long time. Each time I'd fold it and put it down, feeling like I'd been had for a buck fifty again. I was in search of some thing, some bit of something relevant, true and useful that the headline promised but couldn't deliver. It seemed like I was in a desert of mainstream sand, dying of thirst for the longest time. Week after week, like some old rat in a maze that keeps hitting the food bar in hopes a nugget will fall out even though it never has, or a pathetic wino searching dumpsters for a swig, I batted along from headline to headline without a 'hit' for more years than I care to say.

Mainstream media operates at a very low 'vibration,' or level of integrity. It is similar in vibration to the hypnotic, numbing quality found in most political speeches, legal jargon, tax documentation, general education college classes required for graduation, and, sadly, mainstream religion. In fact, there is a common thread that permeates all these things as well as mass media.

There's an unspoken but generally accepted worship of power in this world. The uber wealthy have it. They own the central banks via act of Congress. ('When the President signs this act, the invisible government by the money power will be legalized. ~ Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. to Congress after the vote on The Federal Reserve Act.) They own the mega media outlets. They fund political campaigns, which in turn allow churches a free ride via 501(c). They endow secondary educational institutions and healthcare facilities. They run the show. They allow the masses to see and hear what they wish. Mostly what they wish is to keep running the show insidiously and for profit.

They accomplish this by brainwashing the masses into believing that money buys happiness and that they too can have a piece of the pie if they follow all the rules: stay in government schools, go to an expensive college (debt can create wealth,) get an adjustable rate mortgage on a 'McMansion' that you don't need and can't really afford (more debt = more wealth.) Buy boats and jet skis, 2 SUV's, TiVo, plasma, granite, two kids and golden retriever. Borrow your way to happiness.

There's nothing wrong with wanting or having nice things. Problems begin if you have to make a deal with the devil to get them. Can things make anyone happy? Once you've bought into consumerism as a lifestyle, the man owns you. You've been seduced by possessions and power over things, only to find that what you sought has found you. You don't own things, they own you; your time, your thoughts, your lifeblood, your very soul. It may seem that acting as a servant could someday make you master. You've paid your buck fifty and now you've been had. You are firmly in the grip of debt and delusion because the powers that be have a well-oiled apparatus in place and it works very well. It delivers for them, not you.

There is a way out. It isn't easy. You can't bring your old ideas with you, they won't survive the cleansing fire of truth. But if you're willing, Liberty will be a lady for you. One small, painful, baby step at a time can lose you your illusions, all those false ideas that, like a good fairy tale, we so wanted to believe.

Like a lot of people, I couldn't put my finger on what it was that I was missing years ago. It's like when I try to recreate one of my Mom's recipes and I know I haven't nailed it, but I don't know what it is that's missing. You can't know what you don't know. What you do know is that when you get it right, then you'll know it.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, they say, and the worse things get in America , the more enticing is liberty's light. Nowhere is that light more apparent than in the e-pages of Strike The Root.

From my first taste, Strike The Root gave me that 'aaaaahhhh.' Daily, it scratches the itch, it has vitality and always a surprise or two. Strike The Root is the voice of reason in an insane, politically contorted alternate reality that this Empire of Debt America has become. Strike The Root sticks to your ribs. It teaches me what I didn't know. It reassures me that things really are screwed up far worse than mainstream media is letting on, that government really is the criminal class, that my suspicions were accurate all along. Strike The Root massages my brain into realizing new ways to think about this universe in which we live. My Mom will never cook for me again, but with daily doses of truth, I'm one woman who has learned to stand on her own two feet. Strike The Root nourishes me and I'll always be grateful for it. Now back to today's edition . . . .

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