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It comes as no surprise that the US Federal Government's massive failure dealing with Hurricane Katrina has not dampened the Amerikan serf's enthusiasm for the voting scam. Dutiful helots traveled from Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta in order to participate in the foolish rite in New Orleans. People just don't seem to learn.

Perhaps the remaining smidgen of Southern individual responsibility and self-reliance (under attack since Reconstruction) has been eradicated from the populace. Such a pity. Despite evidence to the contrary, these folks hold firm to the mistaken notion that a state-created, earthly messiah will deliver them to the promised land.

"It means a lot because whoever gets elected is going to help us rebuild."

The people of New York witnessed firsthand a spectacular state failure--billions of dollars worth of sophisticated state weaponry (and a disarmed citizenry) impotent against a handful of box cutters.

The entire country witnessed a bloated, corrupt, and morally depraved military unable to defeat a rag tag Iraqi insurgency armed with little more than IEDs and donkey carts.

The good people of the Gulf coast had to survive both a horrendous natural disaster and the pitiful, incompetent response by those pledged to 'serve.'

Yet, the belief that the state can protect one from harm and mend broken lives and dreams persists. The nanny state lives.

"Let me tell you something. This is an important election."

It is equally not surprising that the political criminals up for approval (some call them 'candidates') spew the typical socialist clich's ('equal sharing of the economic pie') to reassure the willing slave that Uncle Sugar is alive and well to comfort and assist- with other people's money, of course. And it just wouldn't be a proper election without Jesse Jackson, the ubiquitous, shakedown artist, throwing the race card into the gumbo.

"This is about trying to save us right now."

Nothing will change. The good, willing Amrerikan voters will continue to support the decadent, dying, bankrupt empire they hold so dear. The day will come when the consumer credit dries up, the 'federal' money finally runs out, the once plentiful oil disappears, and the desperate heathens from the ghetto decide committing violence against the 'haves' is worth the risk to obtain a measly scrap of food.

When that time comes, our state masters will be well prepared with a new bogeyman, a new enemy, to blame for our misfortunes--a slick, well packaged presentation explaining how 'such-and-such' and 'this-and that' are responsible for our discomfort, disrupting the mission of a Godly nation, threatening our state-endowed 'freedom,' and challenging our manifest destiny. It will be time, once again, to 'stand united' against this common foe that threatens us all and 'support the troops' that lead the defense of all that is good. A freshly created batch of evil doers will come into firing range of the Amerikan public.

Meanwhile, 'vote for me, I'll set you free.'

The state run schools, now closed, will surely reopen. Nothing may be more important to the state's health (beside war) than the continuing indoctrination of the youth. The collective requires a constant turnover of duty bound voters and willing cannon fodder to support and supply the empire's glorious wars and crusades of salvation.. The faith in our chosen state overlords must never waver nor risk interruption.

Keep buying guns and gold. Choose your friends carefully. America is a pathetic country inhabited by millions of pathetic people. May their chains rest lightly upon them.

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