What Do They Mean By Democracy?


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The latest wars are being waged to spread democracy to the Middle East and around the world, according to George W. and the plutocrats in Washington. If you remember, this was decided upon only after it became publicly evident that George and the neocons lied to America and the world when they gave us their first 'reasons' for the war--Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, ties to Al Qaeda and to the attacks of 9/11. The lemmings moved en mass to show support for this new neoconservative crusade for democracy, a scam-based crusade that is eating their young at an alarming rate. Even with raw, blatant hypocrisy flowing from Washington and dripping throughout the entire country, the lemmings continue to show support for the government and politicians that are destroying them and their families. The lemmings are told this is 'loyalty.' One major sign the lemmings missed that demonstrates Bush and his cohorts couldn't care less about real democracy is their negative reaction to the elections in Palestine. The Palestinian people voted for, and thus gave their approval to, Hamas. Bonehead Bush never saw this coming! The political hacks never tire of crowing about the will of the people, blah, blah, blah. Well, the people in Palestine showed their will and it is to be led by Hamas. If the US politicians, and politicians around the world for that matter, really believed in democracy, they would engage in talks with Hamas. They would keep their pledge of financial support to Palestine. They would not turn their backs on the will of the Palestinian people. What would happen if a political organization was elected to power in the US that would completely overhaul the system and get rid of all the riffraff that's currently clogging the halls of Congress and the White House? I'm sure the entrenched powers that be would never let it happen. They would use their powerful media to label any real threat to their interests as 'terrorists' and that would be the end of them. And, if necessary, they could always follow the example of that great American icon Abraham Lincoln and throw them in prison to rot while they sheehan arrestdestroy habeas corpus. The Bush gang has already attempted to do this in the case of US citizen Jose Padilla.sheehan tshirt Another sign of the government's hatred of democracy, free thought, and free speech happened during Bush's State of the Union speech. (If you missed it, you're one of the overwhelming majority!) During the speech, the anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was removed from the Capitol Building and arrested for wearing a shirt with the number of Americans killed in the neocon war in Iraq (see photos). They charged her with 'unlawful conduct,' whatever that means. What happened to democratic values such as free speech? You know, the values that Bush says Americans are dying and killing for and being mutilated for right now in Iraq and Afghanistan? Cindy Sheehan wasn't the only one to be forced to leave the Capitol Building. Republican Representative Bill Young's wife was wearing a shirt that said, 'Support The Troops' and was booted out by security! The politician's wife, however, was NOT arrested! A short time ago the Capitol Police said they would ask the prosecutor not to pursue the unlawful conduct case against Cindy Sheehan, a charge that could put her in prison for one year. I guess they figure this is a bit much for even the lemmings to swallow. After all, they still need millions of young lemmings to be used as RPG fodder, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but soon they'll be needed in Iran and probably Syria, too. And it's difficult to convince someone to fight for democracy halfway around the world when you don't even have it in America.

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