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For a long time, I've believed that the greatest personal changes that someone will experience in his life are the changes that no one ever predicted. Not himself, and not others. It happened to me at age 15 when discovering secular humanism as my niche after being raised in a Catholic setting. (I found out the name of it when I was 20.) I adopted libertarianism as my political stance at 22 when watching the late great Harry Browne deliver his acceptance speech on C- SPAN in July 2000. (Since 2004 I've been a 'passive' libertarian, where I simply look for ways to add freedom to my own life, rather than trying to change others through politics.) Two years ago, I replaced my old professional and financial hopes and dreams with new ones in order to adapt to the early 21st Century economy. And in 2006, an unpredicted major personal change struck me once again.

Where shall I start when describing the results of this?

By the end of the first week of January, my throbbing bedtime heart had subsided completely. The pain in my shoulder had vanished. I felt better and more energetic than I'd ever known since my teenage years. And I was enjoying my music collection more than ever.

By mid-February, I had cured myself of high blood pressure. By late April, my energy level had surpassed that of my teenage years. And by late May, after beginning the 'dosages' of the coconut oil, I was feeling extremely upbeat and excited throughout the whole day and couldn't understand why!

My ability to assimilate nutrients has been skyrocketing steadily and dramatically. I now eat less than 1/3 as much food each day as I did before 2006, and my stomach feels comfortable and full. I also have endured absolutely no side effects whatsoever. That is, except for a small one, which more than a few people have seemed to notice.

By the end of January I had lost 17 pounds. 27 at the conclusion of February, 35 ending March, 45 at the finale of April, and as of early June . . . 60 pounds lost thus far! Prior to 2006, I wore a waist size 40 and XL shirts. In late February and in March, I had to buy clothes with a 36 waist, and on the last weekend in May . . . 32-size trousers and M shirts!

It is unknown what my effortless weight loss will plateau at. It could be 70 pounds lost; it could be 90. The fact that I've already returned to my high-school weight is entirely and utterly beyond my wildest dreams.

What's more is that I no longer worry about the long-term future of my health, and that I've probably doubled my life span. I don't plan on dying at 60, 70, or 80 anymore, but well beyond 100. I now can look forward to a super long life full of energy, comfort, and joy.

Needless to say, 2006 has not been a boring year of doldrums! Discovering natural health and the organic lifestyle has absolutely been the best thing that's ever happened to me. It's been better than finding an enjoyable career with my vocational certification. Better than moving out of my parents' house for good and into my own living space. And it probably will be even better than falling in love with a girlfriend in the future!

These past five months have really given me a grand new perspective on what is important in life. It's made me realize that you can have the greatest lover, the most caring family, the friendliest friends, the best music collection, the most pleasant career, all of the money, gold, and material possessions in the world, and the most realistic and inspirational belief system with life all figured out, but . . . if you have poor health, then your life will suck regardless. Likewise, if you reverse everything in that last sentence (with superior top-notch health and everything else being bad), then your life will still be OK. Certainly not fabulous, but OK.

Your health is the ultimate core of your very essence. It is the one thing that will always be with you no matter where you go, whom you meet, what you do, or what you think. It is more central to you than your deepest-held personal beliefs. It's more local to you than your lover, friends, or family. It's definitely closer to you than your material possessions. Your health is your life, and is your ultimate freedom to live, laugh, love, think, feel, and produce.

Shouldn't your health be the number-one priority in your life?

And once you've put your own health first, everything else should fall into line. You'll have the ability to be a good lover, a decent friend, and a loving family member. You'll be able to enjoy your hobbies and your music more than ever. You'll be capable of strong productivity in your career. And you'll be more energetic and fun to be around.

As the late great Harry Browne said in an inspiring letter to his daughter 40 years ago, 'You owe it to yourself to be the best person possible. Because if you are, others will want to be with you, want to provide you with the things you want in exchange for what you're giving to them.'

And being the best person possible starts with good health.

This all makes me wonder . . . why do so many government and corporate elites want to suppress the truth about organic foods, natural health, and natural cures? Why do they viciously defame people such as Kevin Trudeau who are exposing these truths?

The answer is that organic foods, natural health, and natural cures all strike at the ultimate core of the root. Not only do they strike at the root of health problems, but also at the root of one of the biggest pillars of the rulers' power structure.

Throughout the history of civilization, political elites have tried to create a 'need' for their authority over certain aspects of people's lives, thus maintaining their power by perpetuating lies to the masses. Many times they have propagated to the populace, 'Give me your liberty, your individual sovereignty, and more of your money, and I'll give you everything you've always wanted!' This statement works great when either real or illusional social problems lurk.

When people's health is poor, they're less capable of running their own lives and fending for themselves. Often times, they fall into a condition of dependency upon doctors, drugs, and handouts. Rulers love this. It gives them monsters to 'destroy' for their captive audience, thereby 'proving' their legitimacy of political power!

Then, along comes Kevin Trudeau spreading the truth with his Natural Cures book, and you can imagine why so many hate him. They grudgingly jabber, 'He's a two-time convicted felon, he has no medical qualifications, what he says has been scientifically disproven, and it flies in the face of standard medical practice everywhere.'

Well, when I majored in geology, I learned about a German meteorologist named Alfred Wegener, who in 1912 proposed a widely-ridiculed idea. The theory suggested that continents move very slowly over millions of years, that this process causes earthquakes, and forms mountains, rifts, and other phenomena. Mainstream geologists viciously attacked Wegener at every turn, shouting, 'If we are to believe this hypothesis, we must forget everything we have learned in the last 70 years and start all over again!' Many also referred to Wegener as a quack, since geology wasn't his main discipline.

For the next 50 years until the 1960s, his ideas were considered 'scientifically disproven' by mainstream geologists. Since then, however, his theory of plate tectonics and continental drift has been widely accepted as the most important unifying theory in the field of geology.

Luckily for Wegener, he didn't clash against a multitrillion-dollar worldwide industry, or a ruling power structure built around geological concepts, which Trudeau is challenging today in the field of medicine. Trudeau's hypothesis regarding the causes of disease, along with how a person's body pH affects his or her health, should be deemed central theories in the medical area. And eventually -- which has occurred a zillion times throughout history -- the truth finally will win out, even against the present-day system.

It's important to treat science as a fallible field that constantly changes, and not as an infallible religious dogma. Remember the FDA's famous 'scientific law': 'Only a drug can cure, prevent, or treat a disease.' Who would you rather believe?

I've tried the organic lifestyle after being skeptical at first. It unexpectedly became the best thing that's ever happened to me, so this is all the proof I need! Now, it's your turn to strike the root.

Do you want to feel better and more energetic than you've ever felt in your life? Do you wish to cure yourself of your disorders and diseases? Would you like to lose weight effortlessly and sustainably without side effects? And would you enjoy having something to brag about while being a true rebel?

If so, then give the organic lifestyle a go, and have fun striking the root! It could be the most outstanding New Year's Resolution you never made.

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